Saturday, May 31, 2014

June Visiting Teaching Handout.

It's already here.
Can you believe it?!

This month's Visiting Teaching lesson is on:

For those of you who are new to my blog - - you need to know that I am a SUCKER for a good pun.  I make puns out of EVERYTHING. {Just ask my husband.}

Which is why when I hear the word 'MINISTER', I automatically think of a spoon - - and to 'STIR'.

Anyone with me?

Well...that's how this month's VT handout was born.
With a spoon.
And a cute little analogy found HERE.

FYI: one of the definitions of the word MINISTER is:
verb; to give service, care, or aid; attend, as to wants or necessities.:
 to minister to the needs of the hungry.

Which is what this lesson is all about.
And I LOVE it.

ANY spoon can be attached to this little handout.
I found both of mine for only $1 each at the Dollar Tree.

I know that technically, the above red 'spoon' is really a spatula BUT....
I liked it's color.  And also technically, a spatula STIRS things so....I went with it.

I was hoping to find some cute SUMMER-Y-ish spoons somewhere, but I didn't.

You could also attach this handout to a box of colored plastic spoons.
{And who doesn't need THOSE this time of year with
 snow-cones and ice-cream parties?!}

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Happy Visiting Teaching!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

School got out this week.
Which meant LOTS of tying up the loose ends of things.
Class parties, teacher gifts, cleaning out backpacks, etc.

There was BARELY any 'hunting' time for FUN FINDS.

Thank goodness for the internet.
There's ALWAYS things to swoon about online.
{And these things just so happen to ALWAYS be things for my daughter.  
Girl clothes >>> boy clothes.}

London NEEDS this romper.
I love everything about it.

Purple + Stripes = 2 of my favorite things.
Old Navy
Yes, we're ordering this for Father's Day.
{P.S. Have I ever mentioned how much London has her dad wrapped around her finger?}

I discovered a NEW little boutique online this past week...

Both chevron dresses are from Lolly Wolly Doodle.
They have oodles of cute stuff on their site, like these 4th of July dresses that I am 
OH SO TEMPTED to get London.
{I'm just having a hard time trying to justify spending $38 a pop on them.}

And lastly,'s a watermelon slicer.
I had a friend post about one on facebook the other day and 
I've been dreaming of getting one ever since.  

Slicing watermelon = my LEAST favorite thing to do in the summertime.
EATING watermelon = my VERY favorite thing to do in the summertime.

So you can see my dilemma. 

Anyone have any experience with these?
Do they REALLY work?!?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer is HERE!

It's official.
Summer is here.
The kids' last day of school was yesterday.
It always kills me to see how much they've grown throughout the past school year.

The boys now move up to 4th and 3rd grade and....
London starts KINDERGARTEN!
{Such mixed emotions about that.}

We've been blessed with the BEST OF THE BEST teachers this year.
{We really struck gold with them}.

Per summer tra-dish.....
I bought the kids some special presents to kick the season off.

New insulated cups, a snow cone maker and new pool towels.
{All 3 a necessity in this AZ heat!}

We made our annual SUMMER FUN TO-DO LIST, yet again.
LOVE hearing what the kids come up with each year.

We've already been through 2 batches of snow-cones and made 1 batch of chocolate chip cookies.
I'd say we're off to a pretty good start.

Happy Summer!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My OWN Trader Joe's Favorite Finds.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across THIS article from The Huffington Post. I was thrilled to find it because I had been wanting to plan a trip to Trader Joes to REALLY see what ALL the fuss was about.  I mean - I've heard about it and I've occasionally bought my quinoa and fresh flowers from it...but that was my extent of having any experience with a TJs.

People RAVE about this place and HOW GOOD their products are and so I decided it was time to give it my own TASTE TEST of sorts.

I took London with me one day. {Big mistake.  I must go back again soon when I have EVEN MORE time to browse in peace}.  SO MANY fun things to look at and let your mouth water over.

Here are my finds and what I thought.
{Hint: I loved EVERYTHING! I may be addicted to Trader Joe's from here on out. Just wish there was one a tad closer to my house. 
I'm willing to make the drive though now.}

Cowboy Bark.
Holy. Moly.
This stuff is like crack. {If I ever tried crack, I'm assuming it would be comparable.} Carson's teacher tipped me off to it and so it was the FIRST thing on my shopping list to pick up.

Believe me when I say - - this is the most delicious, chocolately, salty, toffee-y treat there is. {And I don't even LIKE toffee}. It's incredibly addicting. You cannot have 'just one' bite.  

It is Yumm.a.licious. and you MUST try it for yourself.

It was close to lunchtime when I visited TJ's and Joe and I needed something to eat.  I decided to give these frozen burritos a try and I was pleasntly surprised. {I'm usually not a fan of frozen mexican food.} Once they were cooked in the oven, they were delish.  My only complaint was that there COULD HAVE BEEN more meat chunks in the burrito.  The beans inside were super tasty though.  I slathered mine up with...

Yum! Yum! Yum!
Pefect flavoring.

Joe slathered HIS up with...

....and he says he LOVED the Guac as well.
{Not so Fun fact: I'm dealthy allergic to guacamole.}

Ok people - - confession time.
I've never tried a frozen banana before.
I know they're ALL the rage in California when we visit - - but it's just never seemed appealing to me.

Until. Now.

These frozen banana bites are ridiculously delicious and Joe and I MAY have fought over who got the last one.  They DID NOT last long in our freezer. 
I DEFINITELY recommend them.

I couldn't pass by these Mint Oreo mini sandwiches and NOT buy them.  They have my favorite combo EVER - - Oreos and mint ice-cream. I'd be doing my self a dis-service NOT to try them out myself.

Surprise, surprise - - I LOVED them.
You know what I REALLY LOVED about em?
They're actually SOMEWHAT healthy-ish.

You can have TWO sandwiches for only 120 calories.
Sorta healthy for a sweet snack, right?!

My husband is a sucker for good kettle corn.
{Our fave ever is at Disneyland, of course.}

He said this kettle corn is comparable to Disneyland's.
I'll admit.  It was very tasty.
{He downed the whole bag within one evening.}

Quite possibly my NEW FAVORITE DINNER FIND was this Mandarin Orange Chicken.

{P.S. I'm just now thinking to myself, I should get some sort of endorsment going on from Trader Joe's, right? Chuckle.}

 My kiddos LOVE orange chicken.
Especially from Panda Express.

This orange chicken is BETTER.
You cook it in the oven and then mix it with the sauce.
It has THE BEST flavor!

My ONLY complaint was that there was not ENOUGH sauce.
Like, I wonder if they serve bottles of the sauce that you can buy and add to it?  I'm going to look into it.

We served it with these BEANS SO GREEN and 
they were divine.
Green beans, broccoli and caulifower with a butter herb flavoring. Yum.

Lastly - - I saw these...

and then saw this...

And thought I would try this...

Guess what?
It makes for the perfect snack.
If you don't have time to toast bread {who does?} just dip these pita crackers right in there and it does the trick.

For reals.
It was even refreshing.

Two other side notes worth mentioning:

* I've alredy tried #1 on the above mentioned article and it is dangerously good.  SO good so that I couldn't buy it on my latest shopping trip for fear that I would eat the entire jar plain.  With a spoon.

* Their 'white' name brand bread is crazy delicious.
I myself, am more of a wheat bread type of girl, but my boys love white and so I bought both.  The white was better.  WAY better.

So what have I missed, readers?
Do YOU have any favorites that I haven't tried yet?
Do tell.  Please!

Monday, May 26, 2014

The 'Mustache Bash'.

We promised Carson a little get together with friends and family at our home after his baptism on Saturday.  He got to choose the theme - - and it was NO surprise that he chose a MUSTACHE theme.
{He's obsessed with mustaches.}

It was SO much fun to plan and prepare for.
We served all different types of desserts...

Mustache Sugar Cookies

Mint Oreo Truffles

For beverages we kept it easy and just served water.

Water bottle labels are from SIMONEmadeit on Etsy.

I found the mustache piƱata from Hobby Lobby.
I found packages of stick on mustaches at Walmart - 5 for $1.
The guests had LOTS of fun putting them on.
{Some even used em as uni-brows. Lol.}

Every party needs a take home favor, right?

I purchased these foam mustaches during Valentine's season and never used em.
They were perfect!

Carson was pleased as punch with the afternoon.
He was surrounded by his favorite friends, family and teachers and we could not have been more happy!

My sister gave him this cute little treat at his baptism...

A KIT KAT candybar.
Isn't that clever?!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

This Weekend:

* Carson got baptized a member of

We are SO proud of him.
We were surrounded by the ones we LOVE MOST this weekend.
Blessed, indeed!

The rest of the weekend was spent 
preparing for and then 
cleaning up from
 'Mustache Bash' 
a.k.a his
 'post' Baptism party.

I'm sharing ALL of the party details TOMORROW!

P.S. Only 2 school days left for the kiddos.
Summer is {almost} officially here!