Thursday, May 8, 2014

Disneyland Day 1.

The night we drove into our hotel at Disneyland, I realized I had forgotten something quite important.
My sneakers.

How on earth was I to walk all around Disneyland and California Adventure WITHOUT THEM?
After having a mild panic attack,  and only the flip-flops on my feet - - 
I realized it would just have to do.

Nothing was getting in my way of having fun at the Diz.
And luckily - - I just so happened to be wearing the very most comfortable pair of flip-flops I own.

Pay no attention to my dry, scale-y, nail polish chipped,
unkempt feet.
They're callled 'Fitflops' and they are the bomb.
{Had I have known I'd be sporting my toes however - - I would've gotten a pedicure before leaving.  BLEH! And they only got worse after 2 days at the park.  I know what I want for Mother's Day!}

I sure do love these 3.
They're at such GREAT ages to do Disneyland.
No diapers.  No having to hold them while we wait in line.
Truly magical. 

Of course we ate lunch at the Corndog cart.
How could we NOT?
They may be $7 a pop but man they are the tastiest $7 on a stick I have ever known.

We did Cars Land over at California Adventure.
That place is the bomb.

{Tip: Make sure and go FIRST THING IN THE MORNING and get a fast pass for Radiator Springs. FIRST THING!!  They will eventually have no more throughout the day and you don't want to wait
 in a 90 minute line, do you?}

We watched the Pixar Parade - yet again - one of my
  FAVORITE things to do!!

I rode the swings and nearly barfed.
I am getting old.
NEVER BEFORE have the swings made me sick.  EVER!
I was slightly disappointed in myself.

I had high hopes that my very favorite Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae from Clarabell Cows would make me feel better.  And although it DID help, I was bummed to not get to ride 'Screamin' with my boys for their FIRST TIME EVER!

So proud of them.
This was HUGE.
{They're not really the 'dare devil' type per say.}

They did awesome.  Loved it. 
Until of course....CARSON felt like HE was going to barf.

There were tears. And more tears. And lots of dry heaving. And then us leaving the park a little earlier than planned.  But he didn't barf. And he said he wanted to ride it the next day.
Go figure.

So if you don't count myself and Carson getting a small anxiety attack with the cold sweats after a couple of rides.....
Day 1 of our Disneyland Trip was a BIG success. 

Even WITH my flip flops.


  1. soo much fun!! I LOVE rides, and I say love I actually mean, I check that safety barried a 1000 times before we go, always thinking its gonna fly open, I hold on for dear life, white knuckled, I close my eyes the whole ride, and I am silent.. I don't say a word, I hyperventilate, and I don't like anyone to talk to me... I must be soooo awesome to ride with LOL

  2. I had the same "I'm getting too old for this" experience too. My first and last scary ride was the Tower of Terror.


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