Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fun Finds Friday {on Saturday}.

It's been awhile since my last Fun Finds post.
I'm overdue.
Been so busy with the kids' school projects, Carson's birthday {tomorrow} and preppin for our trip to the Diz. All fun stuff of course, just not enough time to sit down and blog about my shopping adventures.  Glad to be back at it! 

Planning a Luau themed party this summer?
Now is the time to hit up the Dollar Tree.
They've got OODLES of Hawaiian stuff at their store right now.

Also spotted there - - these cute glass star candy dishes.
Would be SUPER cute filled up with RED WHITE and BLUE treats for
 Memorial Day and 4th of July.

My last big find at the Dollar Tree were these cups!
Perfect for summertime.
{The lady working there said that these go FAST!}
Would be super cute for pool party favors.

I'm in love with this cake stand from Target.

Aren't these chalkboad labeled glass jars the cutest?
Found at Michaels.

Also from Michaels .  . . these adorable polka dotted pots!
I need some for my back patio but BIGGER!

I'm pretty sure we've all seen these frames at Ikea before.
They're only a $ there but if you're like me - - the nearest Ikea is about 25 minutes away.

NOW they sell them at Michaels, in both horizontal AND vertical shapes.
$2 but you'd save on gas for sure since Michaels are usually a lot closer.

Cute chevron paper party platters at Hobby Lobby right now in their party section.

K we all now how big the movie FROZEN has been, right?

Apparently Disney didn't KNOW just how BIG it would be.
No place can keep FROZEN merchandise on their shelves.

This line was outside of The Disney Store the other morning - - 
apparently people line up outside of their doors EVERY morning just to be the first inside to see if they've put any new Elsa merchandise out.

Who knew?!?
{So glad I picked up that Frozen shirt for London the other day when I spotted the last one at Target!}

My last FUN FIND is a dangerous one.
It involves lots and lots of calories {which is of course right up my alley!}

How have we been missing out on one of these in AZ for all these years?
It's a good thing it's not right around the corner from me.

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