Monday, May 19, 2014

Girls Camp Awards.

One of my MOST POPULAR posts this time of year is always my Girls Camp Awards post.
I've gotten SO many requests for these printables the past couple of years that I thought it was time to finally offer them as a FREE download.

What girl doesn't LOVE being rewarded with candy?!

I've left the name portion blank for you to hand write in.
There are 14 awards total.  If you have more girls than that, you can always double up the awards. If you'd like me to create CUSTOM certificates or awards, I charge a flat fee of $15 and am happy to do so - just contact me.

Awards include:

The SWEET-TART award - the sweetest kindest girl at camp

The SYMPHONY award - the girl who came up with the BEST songs and cheers for our ward at devotional time.

The DOVE award - most peaceful and never complained

The MENTOS award - the best MENTOR and example to our younger girls

The MR. GOODBAR award - to the girl who made the most friends {this was one of our 4th year girls and she was so afraid she wouldn't have any friends this year in her group!}

The STARBURST award - for the girl who was the breakout STAR during our 1st year initiation dance.

The LIFESAVERS award - willing to save others and help out with their chores

The EXTRA mile award - always helped out when help was needed

The MOUNDS award - the girl who grew 'heaps and mounds' the most that week

The 100 GRAND award - the girl with a smile and laugh worth $100 grand

The REESES PIECES award - because we would've fallen to PIECES without this girl's sweet testimony

The JOLLY RANCHER award - the happiest girl in camp

For a copy of my FREE download Click HERE.


  1. Thank you for's just perfect!!!!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that the Mr. Goodbar and Starburst sayings are incorrect on the link to the free download. This is amazing and I am totally loving it! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention! The changes have been made now and updated :) xoxo


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