Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Visiting Teaching Handout Ideas.

This month's Visiting Teaching lesson is sorta like a FREE choice.
You're supposed to teach something from one of the talks given at this last General Conference.
ONE?  Just ONE? 
I honestly LOVED SO MANY of them - - I had to do 2 different handouts for 2 different talks.


Oh Deiter. 
I just love him.

This handout is from his talk 
If you have not heard it or read it by now - - you must!

Don't YOU think of Skittles when you hear the word RAINBOW?

Option #2 - - 

This quote might just be one of my favorites EVER!

It comes from President Monson's talk during the Priesthood session titled:

I found the cute pink flashlights at the Dollar Tree.

For copies of my FREE printables........

Download Skittles Handout HERE.
Download Flashlight Handout HERE.

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Happy Visiting Teaching!

Past Visiting Teaching Handouts from 2014


  1. ooh I love this conference the rainbow one was one of my fav.. I didn't hear the PH session, but I love that!!!!
    thank you for doing this, I look forward to it every month!
    you are a superstar! xoxoxooxox

  2. I am a gray haired grandma who appreciates you talent and your willingness to share .I use your work each month on our RS bulletin board. Thank You!

    1. I am honored Dottie! :) Thanks so much!! xoxo

  3. Marci, you are terrific!! I always find something when I log onto your site and they are up to date...
    first day the month.
    Thanks for the help you give to all of us. You're a dear...

    1. You are VERY welcome! Thanks for yours weet words!! xoxo

  4. Love both of the handouts. I'm using the skittles one because it fits my sisters more.
    Your ideas are so cute, I find myself coming back here more often than any other to use them. Thank you for sharing them. :)
    (and I follow you on pinterest too!)

    1. You are more than welcome Amy! So glad you can use them! xoxo


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