Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer Personal Progress Motivators.

I get a lot of questions about different ways I've used in the past, to MOTIVATE the Young Women in our ward, to get going on their Personal Progress.

{My own personal opinion is that their Beehive leaders need to hit it strong with them.  By the time they're Mia Maids, they'll most likely not want to do it, and by the time their Laurels, they'll realize they actually WANT to do it 
and they'll be scrambling to get it done by graduation.  
The more they got done as a Beehive, the better. 
But that's just my own 2 cents.}

When I was YW President, I used to always give my girls SUMMERTIME challenges, to work on their PP while they weren't in school. I usually handed these out the week they were to get out of school.  I always promised them, that if they completed this challenge {completing TWO full values in their book OR reading the entire Book of Mormon} I would have THOSE girls over to my house for a special breakfast.

I was ALWAYS SO IMPRESSED with how many girls accomplished this.
I'm telling you - - bribery works wonders, people!!

Here are some of my ideas from years past:

Details and Printable HERE.

Printable HERE.

This one, I handed out the week of the 4th of July.

4th of July Printable HERE.

These little felt purses are what I gave the girls, 
once they COMPLETED ALL of their Personal Progress.

Details and Printable HERE.

And these lollipop trees are something that I displayed on EVERY Sunday.
If any of the girls had worked on their Personal Progress for that week - they got to take a sucker and tell the group what they worked on.

Details and Printable HERE.

Any questions?
Feel free to ask me!

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