Sunday, May 11, 2014

This {Mother's Day} Weekend:

* I attended the annual 'Donuts for Divas'
at the boys' school on Friday morning.

This pic stirred up quite a few comments on my Instagram
{Follow me HERE} and just to clarify - -
My arm is resting on my leg, which is crossed onto my OTHER leg.  
Where my wrist is laying, is actually GRANT'S leg - - not mine.  I'm wearing a black dress - - and not a black booty shorts jumper set. Lol.  Quite confusing, huh?

* Afterewards, we got to see Carson do his Inventor's Presentation 
on Walt Disney.

Talk about BEAMING the whole way through
 his speech!

We made {and by 'we' I really mean ' I '  made} Mickey Mouse cookies for his classmates.
Super easy - It's a big Oreo dipped in red chocolate, two mini Oreos stuck on as ears and two yellow mini M&Ms.

* Afterwards I treated myself to a pedicure - -
 it WAS afterall Mother's Day weekend, how could I resist?

Purple, of course!

* I picked up London from my parent's house afterwards 
and we headed to Cafe Rio for lunch. 

Best. Salad. EVER!
I'm really gonna miss our little lunch dates when she starts up Kindergarten in July.

* Friday night, Joe took the boys to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 
while London and I attended a darling little baby shower for my good friend and hairdresser.

She has a daughter London's age, and they adore each other.

* Saturday morning I did sleep in.
{A Mother's Day weekend miracle within itself.}

* I also cleaned the bathrooms.
{A Mother's Day weekend nightmare within itself!}

* We attended London's cute little dance recital.

Little girls + Dance costumes = CUTEST things EVER!

* Afterwards, we took my parents out to dinner.
We ate HERE - - it's one of our very favorite Chandler joints.
{Order their pizza muffins!}

* On Sunday we woke up bright and early {Isn't 7:30 bright and early to everyone else?!} and headed over to my sister's house to chat with my nephew Ryan via Skype.

{He's currently serving a Mormon Mission in Barcelona, Spain!}

He comes home in 2 1/2 more months and we are all SO excited to see him again.

* Churchey- church Sunday afternoon.

Shortly after this pic was taken, I MAY or MAY NOT have told my unruly kids that I didn't want to sit next to them at church.

{In my defense they were teasing, whining, running around, not listenting to me, etc.}

I thought though that I might get some funny looks from other people, so I decided with it being Mother's Day afterall, I should probably stick with the fam.

* We ate dinner at my parents house afterwards and nearly ate so much 
they had to roll us out the doors.

{BBQ chicken, potato casserole, pretzel jello salad, green feta salad, rolls, corn on the cob 
and chocolate eclair cake for dessert!}

So blessed to call my mom MINE!

Any weird hosting/entertaining/party planning O.C.D.-ness that I have - - - I blame 100% on her.

She's set the bar so HIGH for my siblings and I as a mother - - and I could not be more grateful.

Blessed Indeed!

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  1. Lol. When i first looked at that picturea, i was like what thw heck?! Thanks for the details ;) i love, love, love being a mom with allthe craziness too, but my kids where all over the place during sacrament,about lost it on all of them. Ha! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!