Sunday, May 18, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we went to Grant's school for his BIG
  Rainforest Presentation.

Grant was given the CHIMPANZEE to research and create.

I helped him with the project and let's just say - it was the cross between a monkey, a yetti, and a mouse with those ears. {Chuckle}.  We did our best and he couldn't have been more proud.
A+ on his report and A on his presentation - - I couldn't be more proud!

* London and I met up with some friends at the pool afterwards...

It's already hit 105 degrees here.
From here on out - - we pretty much begin to LIVE in our swimsuits.

* I had heard of a Peach festival going on at a local farm {Schnepf} and decided to drive out there and pick up some peach goodness, afterwards.

Let me just say HOW disappointed I was in their prices!!
$3 a pound for peaches?? Yowzers.

{However, London gobbled them up and said they were the 'best EVER'.  
Fun fact: I'm allergic to most fresh fruit so I didn't even get to taste em.}

* Friday night Date Night.
It's been a few weeks so I was EXTRA excited to go out with my hubs!

We ate at a new restaurant in town - - 

It might just be our new fave.

These onion ring appetizers were seriously THE BEST EVER!!!

And this dessert was equally as delish.
Great food.  Great prices.

* Saturday we took the kiddos to see..

The kids liked it too - - however, it's definitely a movie MORE for adults.
{London was bored.}

* School POOL PARTY Saturday night with some of our favorite school peeps.

Fro-Yo afterwards with more fun peeps.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* I tried out a new mascara before Church {thank you Jenny} 
and I am SO excited to tell you all about it this week.
{You'll like it too because I'm doing a GIVEAWAY with it!}

Can you tell which eye has the mascara on it?

P.S. I don't know how people can stand to constantly take selfies of themselves.  
I felt absoluetly RI-DIC taking these pics of myself throughout the process.

More to come on Tuesday...

* Sunday night London wasn't feelin so hot so she and I kicked it on the couch watching AFV while Joe and the boys went to Grandma's house for dinner.


On tap for THIS week - - 
Baptism preparations for my sweet 8 year old....

He's just a tad bit excited....can you tell?

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