Friday, June 13, 2014

Coombs Summer Mix - our soundtrack for the summer!

It's become a little summer tra-dish with our family to make a soundtrack of sorts each year. 
 {We're going on 4 years now with making one}. 

We LOVE music.

We constantly have the radio on in our car.
Our musical taste {and when I say 'our' this does not include my husband.  It includes the kiddos and I.  Joe usually rolls his eyes at 'our' songs which makes it even MORE fun to turn the volume up and sing loudly to on road trips. Smile.} consists of Pop - Top 40 jams.

So for all of you music loving, jammin out, 
type of people - - here are the songs 
{if you were wondering?}
 that we've included THIS year.

They. Are. Fun!
Sing at the top of your lungs fun. 

Coombs Summer Mix 2014

Side Note: All of the above songs and links are the CLEAN versions.
You have to be REALLY careful, I've discovered, with downloading songs on itunes.
They'll slip 'bad words' in there in the darndest places.

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  1. Love it, what a great idea!! You never cease to amaze me. You rock!