Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Girls Camp Decorations.

I've gotten a HUGE response with my
I've also gotten a lot of requests for ideas on HOW to decorate for Girls Camp.

I'm such a VISUAL person, myself, that I thought I would just go ahead and just share some ideas that our ward used the past couple of years while I was serving in YW.

Each year our stake gives our ward a color.
Everything we do is based off of that color.

Last year - it was PURPLE.  
My fave.

One of our leaders made up this cute PURPLE CHORE CHART for the girls.
{Those girls really need to pull their own weight around the campsite! Lol.}

We bought Shephards Hooks and lined a walkway for our girls with white Ikea lanterns and battery operated candles. It looked so pretty at night time!

We also spray painted wooden stakes PURPLE and then stapled on cute printables and quotes about INTEGRITY {since that is the value that GOES with purple}. We placed these all around the girls' tents.

We made and hung purple bunting and a purple banner with our ward's name on it.

Yes - we even had PURPLE dishes.
We had one bin to soap them in, one bin to bleach them in, and one bin to rinse them all off.
This is how we hung them out to dry - along a rope with clothespins.

I took a photo of what another ward did for their dishes.
They had each girl wash their OWN dishes and then they 

each their OWN mesh bag with their name tags on em, and 

they hung em out to dry until the next meal.

I thought it was a GREAT idea!

I also LOVED this idea for a SNACK BAR!

So nice and neat compared to having open treat bags and 

snack boxes all over the place.

Isn't this tent entrance the cutest?
It was done by our stake leaders with colored plastic tablecloths.

One year we were given the color 
GREEN with the value KNOWLEDGE.

We were also given a prophet - Joseph Smith - and we decided it would be neat to have a vintage-y looking table that focused on his life.

I also took pictures of each girl beforehand and made up this poster board....

It went right outside of their tent for everyone to see.

Happy Camping this Summer!
While I myself, am not a camper ONE BIT! - - I did enjoy my time with the girls in the wilderness.
We made such sweet memories that will last a lifetime!

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