Monday, June 16, 2014

This {Father's Day} Weekend:

* I ran errands. 
Nasty. Hot. Errands. on Friday.
It was SO hot that I had to wrap things up by noon because I was sweating to death from getting in and out of my car. 
{AZ probs.}

* Joe watched the World Cup and found the need to yell GOOOOAAAALLLLL at the top of his lungs everytime Chile scored.  He then followed that by running around our entire house {both upstairs AND downstairs} doing a victory dance.

The kids died laughing.
Fun Fact about Joe: He LOVES Chile.  He served his 2 year Mormon mission there.

* Friday night we took Joe's parents out to dinner HERE for Father's Day, 
since this was our year to spend with my side of the family. It was fun and super tasty.  SO tasty that we were all too stuffed to the brim for dessert at our house afterwards.

I'm super bummed I didn't get a pic.
This one {from last year} will have to do - - -
Christmas 2013
Grateful for such a fabulous father-in-law who raised such a fabulous son.

* Saturday morning we took the kiddos to see:

We. Loved. It.
Which is actually quite surprising, seeing as how I didn't even WANT to take my kids to see it a few weeks ago.  I thought the previews looked a little too 'dark' and scary.  And I really don't enjoy Angelina all that much.

But...I was wrong.
The movie was DARLING and Angelina played her part VERY well!  It was a good one. Cute story.
{Side Note: Kids under the age of 5 MIGHT get a little scared.}

* We spent Saturday evening at home and sent the kiddies upstairs to watch the Disney channel while Joe and I 
watched the 2 hour Dateline {I know, I know, we're SO exciting}. MAN was it a good one! 

* Father's Day celebrations on Sunday!

Fatherhood looks good on him, no?

We fixed Joe a BIG breakfast...

Sausage, Egg and Cheese scramble, Fresh Biscuits and Hashbrowns.

The kids gave him a new poster to hang in his office...

I continued on our tradition of giving him a card related around farts....

Farts = Funny
No matter WHAT.

* Churchey-church.

* And we hosted Father's Day dinner at our house with all of my Lamoreaux family.

I found it fitting to do some type of a 'golf' theme...

....with pictures of ALL of the men {and boys!} from our family, around the tables.

The handsome Army man on the left is my Grandpa Lamoreaux.
And...since I forgot to take pictures of my dad and everyone else that evening....

....this one {circa 1982? 1983?} will have to do.
Don't be jealous of my dad's afro. It was pretty sweet.

GRATEFUL for Joe, my dad, Joe's dad, our grandfathers, brothers, uncles, cousins and nephews  - - ALL of the men and boys in our lives. 

Blessed, indeed!


  1. Your dad may have been the original Napoleon....

  2. love this!!!! what a cool dinner!
    Ok, so me and joe would be great, I had to go out Saturday, so I taped the England vs Italy game, kept off all media so I didn't know the score, sat down to watch it.. Dayna has taped it in ITALIAN.. aghhh.. then a storm must have rolled in and knocked my satalite out for the last 20 minutes, I was MORTIFIED!!!

    1. frustrating! I hate when that sort of thing happens!! Not the taping in italian part, because well that just never happens here in the U.S. but the part where a show doesn't tape all the way. Thank goodness for the internet - hopefully you were able to pull up the highlights! :)