Sunday, June 1, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we started the weekend off just how 
EVERY weekend should start off...

...with a dozen Bosa donuts eaten up in the car.
{It's getting so hot here, it's a pain to even get outta the car.  For reals.}

* We sent the boys off to their Cub Scout Day Camp...

Nothing says BROTHERLY LOVE like spraying your bro in the face with a water bottle, right?
...and London and I hit the pool.

 My parents live in the best neighborhood ever.
We take full advantage of using the pools at their clubhouse.
Friday was HOT but man, it was pretty outside.

London practicing her bellyflops diving with cousin Chloe.
* Friday night we met up with my sis and nephew for dinner HERE.
This used to be one of my favorite joints.
It's gone downhill.
Sadly, after it was bought by new owners, things just haven't been the same.
We won't be back.
{It was SO bad I even wrote a Yelp review about it. 
I've never done that before. It was sad it was so bad.}

* We capped the night off by watching a 2 hour Dateline.
{I was NOT happy with the outcome.  Were you?}

* Saturday morning, Carson got to go to the movies with his best little buddy and his school teacher.

Seriously....HOW LUCKY are they?!

* London and I get pedicures.

{I really hate not knowing the workers' language. I'm 99.9% sure they talk to each other about how nasty my feet are.}

* The boys {and Joe aka 'Cubmaster Coombs'} went to their last day of Scout Camp.

They had such a blast!
They came home SO exhuasted and slept in all 3 mornings. 

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Crockpot chicken and rice for dinner {my kids' FAVORITE!}
 followed by a nap on the couch.

* Woke up to Joe making brownies.
{Doesn't get much better than that!}

* We had Family Home Evening, went over our new CHORE CHART system for the summer, and watched AFV and Duck Dynasty.

The LAZY DAYS of SUMMER are here and we could not be MORE excited!


  1. What a fun weekend. Can't wait for school to be out here. I was disappointed in the outcome on Datrline too. Love your mommy daughter dates. My daughter has been gone since April 16 serving a mission in Virginia Chesapeake. She's my only girl and I knew I would muss her but never realized it would be quite so much. Seeing you with your sweet daughter makes me smile! Have a great week!...

    1. sweet LIsa. I am originally from Northern VA and I absolutely LOVE that state. So beautiful! xoxo

  2. Oh I cant imagine how hot it must be getting.. today is 73,and I am thinking .. ooohhh scorcher LOL!!!
    It was early 80's on Friday, I thought I might die!!!!

    So, I love that you get pedicures.. I need one SOOO bad right now, beyond bad, like they are AWFUL! but they cost $70 here, and I am been cheap LOL!! I need one before summer though & a spray tan: LOL

    love your weekend updates. so fuN!

  3. How much did they charge to do your little girls toes? I love the little flowers they did on her. Would love to take my daughter sometime.

    1. They charged $15. That included the soak, painting AND flower :)

  4. I'm sad about Apple Dumpling too...I worked there for almost a year and loved the food and my co-workers! The former owners are friends in my stake and their kids are still the head cooks there but they are sad about the changes too and are leaving soon. :(


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