Monday, June 9, 2014

This Weekend:

* Carson finished up his swim lessons.

LOVING the gold cup he got!

*We {I} decided that since it was National Donut Day on Friday, we'd head to our fave local joint for a dozen.

Sadly, everyone else in the Chandler/Gilbert area had the SAME idea - - and there were BARELY any good donuts left.
{Major disappointment.}

* I took the kiddos to the local library afterwards to sign up for their Summer Reading program. 

We've been doing this for the past few years and I must say - - this year - - their prizes are LaMe-O! Most years, they're rewarded with Diamondbacks tickets, In n Out and other restaurant free meals....this year it's...drumroll please.....
A free book.

That's it.
What kid is supposed to get excited about reading all summer and being rewarded with book?

Not mine. I'm taking matters into my own hands and creating our OWN Summer Reading program with our OWN fun incentives i.e.) date night with mom or dad, bowling, ice-cream night, etc.  Will share when I get it done.

* Just as we were getting ready to go out on our date night Friday night {I had just come home with the pizza for the babysitter and everything} - - our air conditioning went out.

And we live in Arizona.

And it's been 105-110 degrees here lately.

Isn't that awesome?

We sent the kiddos to the babysitter's house, Joe and I continued on with date night and we put a call into Archie's {BEST A/C biz if you live locally and need yours looked at!}

{Luckily - they came out first thing the next morning and it wasn't TOO painful of a fix.}

*Date night HERE with Joe's bro and his wife.
{Their steak and garlic mashed potatoes never disappoint.}

After dinner we saw....

Oh my goodness - - this was such a CUTE movie!!
Super funny and super darling story.
We BOTH loved it and laughed our heads off.

* Saturday morning I took the kiddos to the mall.
Not just our usual 2 malls we go to - - 
we went to the 'GHETTO' mall.
{AKA Arizona Mills}.

Every big city has one of THESE malls.
It's an outlet mall that has some really good stores....but you wouldn't DARE go there at night. By yourself.

Know what I'm talkin about?

This same mall just so happens to have a Rainforest Cafe and since Grant recently did a whole unit on the rainforest at school this year, I've been wanting to take them.

It was fun but I had forgotten how OVERPRICED this place was.
Like - WAY too overpriced.

* Dinner over at our fun friends' house Saturday night.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Pot roast for dinner Sunday night.
I mixed things up and ADDED the potatoes and carrots WITH the roast this time.  I quickly remembered why I don't do that more often.  Takes away the flavor of the roast.

* Joe and I finished off the weekend by watching 2 taped Datelines that did not disappoint.
{Scary Mary, anyone?}

Happy Monday!

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