Thursday, July 31, 2014

7-UP Back to School Treat.

Years ago I created a tag for my sweet Young Women and gave it to them for their first week of school. 
 {Original post HERE.}

Never in a million years...did I dream that it would become my MOST popular post....MOST popular pin and MOST requested printable. Ever.

The only stinky thing about that original tag - was that it was not created as a printable and at that time in my life, I wasn't able to re-create one.

Until now!
{Have I mentioned to you that ALL of my kids are in school now?  And I may just have a permanent grin stuck on my face because of it?!}

This treat is such an easy one to put together.
I purchased my bottles in a 6 pack for $3.33 at Target.
55 cents for a cute little gift, isn't bad!

This idea is good for ALL ages.  
Kids - Teenagers - Adults.
EVERYONE could use a fresh little motivation at the beginning of each school year, right?

For a copy of my FREE printable click HERE.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

August Visiting Teaching Handout.

*Post Note: Upon checking over my photos, I now realize that there is a typo
Wording is 'Make the Most OF your relationship'….
Changes have now been made to the download now for you to print.
I'm a ding-a-ling.
And too lazy to re-take all of my pictures.

This month's Visiting Teaching message is on:
The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Messiah

{Have I mentioned how much I LOVE how all of the lessons this year
 are based around the Savior? Cuz I do.}

 This handout is SUPER simple.
 All you need to purchase is a bag of M&Ms. 
 That's it!

Gotta love a good M&M pun, right?
{The peanut butter ones are THE. BEST.}

Handout is available for FREE 
by clicking HERE.

* THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of you who commented on last month's handout with which option you chose.  
I LOVE hearing back from my readers and communicating with you! xoxo

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Happy Visiting Teaching!

Past Visiting Teaching Handouts from 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2fer Tuesday.


Leave in Conditioner

This stuff is seriously THE.BEST.
You don't have to use ANY conditioner on your hair in the shower.  Just wash with shampoo and then when you get out, spray with this and comb through your hair.

My hairdresser introduced me to it and I am in LOVE!
{I use it on London's hair, too! Pulls through some major tangles.}

Party Tizer Veggie Chips
Found at Costco

My mom told me she had 'a chip' for me to try the next time I dropped by her house.  When she told me that they were 'veggie' chips with kale, carrots and spinach....I immediately told her that THAT sounded disgusting and I'm sure I wouldn't like them.

HOWEVER....when I dropped by her house, she MADE me try them {I dipped em in a little ranch, of course} and 
They were DELISH!

You couldn't even tell they were 'veggie-ish'.
I'm buying em for our next get together.
{$2 off coupon for em at Costco right now}.

2 of my FAVORITE SONGS right now:

Latch by Disclosure 
Listen on iTunes HERE.

I've been hearing this song ALL summer and just now discovered it's name and artist.
{Thank you Pandora}.

Come Get it Bae by Pharrell Williams
 Listen on iTunes HERE.

I need to preface this song with 3 things:

#1 - I LOVE Pharrell

#2 - I really really REALLY hate the term 'Bae' and I really REALLY wish that teenagers all over the world would stop using it.

#3 - This song has a SMALL/TINY/MINISCULE part from Miley Cyrus {eww}. It's bearly recognizable though which is why I continue to LOVE this song.

The Night Owl - for teachers and classrooms!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a brand new website called The Night Owl. They had come across some of the bulletin boards that my sister and I have created for her 6th grade class HERE and HERE.

They wanted to send my sis some of their hand designed posters and let me tell you - - they are AWESOME.

Their posters are not only functional, but fun to look at for both the students AND teachers.

The Night Owl CELEBRATES teachers!
{Really....shouldn't we ALL?}

They have a page on their site called the 'Teachers Lounge' where they feature different teachers and classroom inspiration from all around the world.
{My sister's READBOX bookcase is even featured over there right now!}

They ALSO....except design ideas for their posters.
This is my FAVORITE part about them.
If you're a teacher and have been looking for a particular poster everywhere but can't seem to find it...then there is a possibility that THEY can create one for you.

How cool is that?

You can find out MORE about them and purchase YOUR own posters HERE.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Queen of Maids House Cleaning GIVEAWAY!

Nothing makes me happier than having my ENTIRE house, ALL clean at ONCE.  With little ones - - this feat is nearly impossible.

This is how my attempt usually goes:

  I start cleaning my craft room, only to be interrupted by one of my children who needs help in the kitchen.  I go downstairs to help, return to my craft room, think 'Wow! this room is almost clean', only to come back downstairs and discover that NOW my kitchen is destroyed as is my bathroom where my daughter has been giving her Barbie dolls a 'bath' in the sink!

 And so on and so forth with about every single room in our house 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

You get the idea, right?

Today I am SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY that I get to HELP one of YOU with this exact problem!
{Sorry out of towners, it's just for local AZ peeps here in the Phoenix area}.

Queen of Maids is giving away a 
{Worth $120!}

Queen of Maids came to my house a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you - - it.  was.  dreamy.

I set up my appointment ONLINE right HERE 
and it was SO incredibly easy.  The online booking feature gave me different times of the day to choose from and I was able to check every single detail that I wanted CLEAN
 inside of my house.
{Think oven, shutters, windows, etc.}

They do it ALL.
AND…they bring their own cleaning supplies.
ALL of them.
You provide nothing but the messy house!

The sweet crew who arrived at my house was on time and incredibly friendly.  They were VERY thorough and made sure to get every nook and cranny.

Love LoVe LOVE Queen of Maids.

Now here's the fun part:

All you have to do is enter your name and email address by clicking HERE.

That's it!
So what are you waiting for?
What mom/wife/husband/dad wouldn't want this?

Contest will run until Friday August 1st at 5:00 PST.

Good luck!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Weekend:

* I did something on Friday that I've been dreaming about doing ever since I first had kids.
I dropped them ALL off at school and came back home
 and laid down.
Because I could!!!
And It. Was. Bliss.
{I'm really getting used to having all 3 kidlets in school all day, lemme tell ya!}

* Friday night we took the kiddos and our 2 nephews who were spending the weekend with us to Barros.

It's hands down one of our favorite local joints
 for pizza and wings.

* Afterwards, the boys played video games downstairs while Joe and I took one for the team and watched Dateline upstairs in our bedroom in REAL. TIME.
Commercials and all!
{Cannot remember the last time I watched 'real time' anything!} 
Gosh darn it was worth it though.
Best Dateline I've seen in a LONG time.
{Dateline nerds over here, remember?}

* Saturday morning was spent playing more video games.
 {It's been 115 degrees outside, do you blame me for letting them?}

* I attended the sweet baptism of a darling teenage girl in our neighborhood. It was such a special experience
 to be apart of.

I even ran into some of my most FAVORITE sister missionaries there. LOVE their guts.

* Joe grilled up cheeseburgers for dinner and we ended the evening at the park with another family from our ward, shooting off water bottle rockets.

Thank you Petit's for another FUN night!

Snapped this pic of the boys walking home from the park with their 2 cousins.  Isn't it sweet?

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
It was one of those Sunday's soon as you walk into Sacrament meeting, your eyes well up in tears.
It was SUCH a great meeting and the talks given and music sang were just so incredible.
Blessed, indeed.

* Chicken crockpot tacos for dinner.
{They're our fave!}
We had my sis and nephew over as well.

Can you believe that
is coming home in 10 days?!?
What the what?
Man time flies and we couldn't be more excited.

Hope you ALL had a FABULOUS weekend!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

I found more Elsa and Anna goodness
 in the Target $ bins this week…..

They'll go fast I'M SURE so march your buns over there.

Seriously…how cute are these cups?
{Also, in the $ bins.}

Over in the party section at Target, I found these cute little summery lookin' pails.  

Wouldn't they fun to fill up with treats for someone?  
Or put plastic silverware in for a picnic?

Over at Michaels...

…LOTS of their summer stuff is on sale.
I posted these darling ceramic pots a couple of months ago and GUESS WHAT?
NOW….they're only $1.49 a pot!
Stock up for next year if you're already over your summer decor.  OR..fill em with cookies and give to a friend!

I really do love the whole 'milk bottle' craze going on right now. I really wanna throw a COOKIES & MILK themed party just so I can buy some of these.  This is the first batch I've found that comes WITH lids.  
Package of 6 for $15.99 so definitely use your coupon!

How about these clothespins on clearance?
Aren't they fun?

And I know, I know, I know…
it DID make me {kind of} sick to see Halloween stuff ALREADY out but come on - - these cups are ADORABLE!

Last but not least - - anytime I see a mustache ANYTHING…. I think of my son because well, he's obsessed with facial hair. And he's 8.
{To see his Mustache themed Baptism Bash click HERE}.

Mustache magnets from the Dollar Tree.
How could I resist?


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chicken Tamale Casserole.

Buns in My Oven

Now that my kiddos are back in school - I'm trying to be a lot better about making dinner every night.

{I'm a firm believer in TURNING OFF THE TV and eating dinner as a family.}

{I'm also a firm believer in take-out.}

Doesn't it feel good to find a recipe that your whole family LOVES and one that you can add into your regular rotations?

I found this one via Pinterest {where else?!}
 from a delicious site called
{ALL of her recipes look delish!}

I should note:
We've tried this with ground chicken and GREEN enchilada sauce AS WELL AS ground beef and RED enchilada sauce.  This last time I made it up - I used ground turkey and I was pleased as punch that even my husband couldn't tell the difference! 

You can pretty much do ANY variation you want with this.

And it is EASY!

Click HERE for the recipe and EnJoY!!!
P.S. We serve ours with a dollop of sour cream
 and a handful of tortilla chips on the side.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to School Teachers Luncheon

Banner hanging - from the TomKat Studio

This year I'm incharge of all of the Teacher Appreciation activities for the PTO at our school.

We seriously have the BEST teachers and staff at our elementary school so this little responsibility of mine is FUN!
{Plus....I really LOVE spoiling teachers.}

To kick-off the new year, we threw a 
Back to School Luncheon 
for all of the teachers, 
a few days before school started.  

I decorated the tables with red and white wrapping paper {Hobby Lobby has THE best!} along with school supplies in chalkboard pails.  

We had Port of Subs cater the lunch {seriously YUMMY!} and in order to differentiate all of the different types of sandwiches, I made place cards out of apples, pencils and blank printable tags from the TomKat Studio.

Water bottle labels are from A Blissful Nest.
{Such an easy way to spruce up the decor!}

I made apple shaped sugar cookies to serve for dessert and I might've just had 1 {or 8} of them each myself.

How cute is Carson's teacher?
So blessed to have such fabulous teachers
 in our children's lives.

I had each teacher fill out a questionnaire while they ate - - telling me things like their:
favorite soda
favorite restaurant
favorite dessert

We also had a raffle for all of the teachers to enter.
The Grand Prize was basket full of 
classroom supplies worth $50.

We also had 4 'smaller' prizes of gift cards.
I think? the teachers really liked that.
We just had them write their name down and then we drew the names at the end of the lunch.

Fun times!
Happy Back to School-ing.