Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2-fer Tuesday.

2 Books and my Reviews:


Oh. Man.
This book is enticing, thrilling, addicting and more. 
{It could however do without the bad language!}

There is a point in this book that will have you racing to the finish to see what happens.
{Hint: I am not a fan of the ending.  Totally hoping they change that in the movie this fall.}

It is definitiely a twisted story.
And I wouldn't recommend it to EVERYONE...
But I enjoyed it.

This book is definitely worth the read.
It is a very eye opening look as to what 
goes on inside the polygamous community. 
{And spoiler alert - - their community is twisted and will make your stomach turn.}

The girl that wrote this book is one of the few influential people who testified against Warren Jeffs and helped bring him the punishment he so badly deserved.

It's a page turner.

2 of my VERY FAVORITE pictures
 from our Vacation:

I love my boys.
 I really do.
Love that this photo has the
 background of Cedar City in it as well.

How great are they?!

My kiddos had SO MUCH fun playing with their cousins last week up at the cabin.  Granted, we live super close to each one of them...but there is something very unique about staying at a cabin, up in the mountains with your relatives. 

I LOVE the memories that were made.
{And I also loved sitting out on the front porch every morning, 
on that very chair, enjoying the Utah weather.}

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  1. Marci I totally agree with the Gone Girl review it was a page turner and I couldn't put it down. But I didn't like the bad language and I didn't like the ending either. I am going to pick up the other one as soon as I finish with Girls camp. Glad you had a nice vacation I am sure it was nice getting to stay in the mountains. Hopefullya lot cooler than where you are in Arizona. :)


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