Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2fer Tuesday.


Leave in Conditioner

This stuff is seriously THE.BEST.
You don't have to use ANY conditioner on your hair in the shower.  Just wash with shampoo and then when you get out, spray with this and comb through your hair.

My hairdresser introduced me to it and I am in LOVE!
{I use it on London's hair, too! Pulls through some major tangles.}

Party Tizer Veggie Chips
Found at Costco

My mom told me she had 'a chip' for me to try the next time I dropped by her house.  When she told me that they were 'veggie' chips with kale, carrots and spinach....I immediately told her that THAT sounded disgusting and I'm sure I wouldn't like them.

HOWEVER....when I dropped by her house, she MADE me try them {I dipped em in a little ranch, of course} and 
They were DELISH!

You couldn't even tell they were 'veggie-ish'.
I'm buying em for our next get together.
{$2 off coupon for em at Costco right now}.

2 of my FAVORITE SONGS right now:

Latch by Disclosure 
Listen on iTunes HERE.

I've been hearing this song ALL summer and just now discovered it's name and artist.
{Thank you Pandora}.

Come Get it Bae by Pharrell Williams
 Listen on iTunes HERE.

I need to preface this song with 3 things:

#1 - I LOVE Pharrell

#2 - I really really REALLY hate the term 'Bae' and I really REALLY wish that teenagers all over the world would stop using it.

#3 - This song has a SMALL/TINY/MINISCULE part from Miley Cyrus {eww}. It's bearly recognizable though which is why I continue to LOVE this song.


  1. Marci! How do you not have Shazam (app) yet?!? It will tell you what the song name is, the artist, year, lyrics, album, and link to purchase (if you want). Get it! It's awesome, especially when a throwback song comes on and it's right on the tip of your tongue. The best.

    1. For reals Ginny - why haven't I done that??? Downloading TODAY! Thanks :) xoxo


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