Thursday, July 3, 2014

More Vay-cay Epidsodes from SoUT.

We visited Navajo Lake - - 
I haven't been there since THIRD grade!

It was just as pretty as I had remembered.

My hair is normally not this BIG
the wind was blowing, I promise.
{Curly hair is the EASIEST hair.}

Joe taught the kids how to skip rocks...

.....and my parents found it necessary to make out in front of the camera. 

Uncle Brent took the kids on a hike back at the cabin...

...where the boys found the dead carcass of a deer.
They thought it would be 'so cool!' to bring home the remnants of it's teeth and bum bone.

London has been scarred for life and I made sure they sanitized their hands thoroughly upon return.

We roasted MORE s'mores.
{You can NEVER have enough!}

London and her girl cousins found it absolutely necessary to wear shades for 2 reasons:
#1 to look cute 
#2 to block the smoke from their eyes

CITY SLICKERS at their finest.

Today we headed down to one of my most favorite towns on the planet.
Cedar City, Utah.
The boys went golfing while I took London and my niece to some of my very favorite spots.......

Future T-birds in the making.
SO proud of my alma mater 
It holds such a special place in my heart.

Fun Fact: the library at S.U.U. is named after my mom's cousin - Gerald Sherratt.

That statue is of him!
Proud of my blood!!

We also ate lunch at hands down my most FAVORITE place to eat in Cedar City - - The Pizza Factory.

I officially finished my book. I swear it had the sweetest passages and words of advice woven into it...

I. Loved. It.
Now it's onto my next book.
{My sisters and Dad have not been able to stop talking about it!}

Hope everyone is excited to start the 

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