Sunday, July 13, 2014

This Weekend:

*Friday morning, London had her Kindergarten testing.
She starts next week.

I hope her teacher is ready for her!

Afterwards, we picked up 'the brothers' and made a small trek out into the ghetto for our FREE slurpees - 
in honor of the date being 7-11.

On the way there, I had to explain to my kids
 what a slurpee even WAS!  
{Can you believe it?} 
7-11s are few and far between here in AZ and anything that comes even remotely close to a slurpee - we call a 'slushie'.

Across the street from 7-11, just so happened to be one of our VERY FAVORITE mexican joints.

How could we say no?
It WAS lunchtime after all.
Elmer's Tacos - you never disappoint.

*Friday night we stayed in, baked banana bread
 and Joe and I watched Dateline. 
{Dateline - you never get old.  Same story line ALL the time - but man we love you.}

* Saturday we had a birthday party for one of London's favorite little friend's.

Followed by a baptism for one of the cutest girls we know.

She and Carson are the same age and I just HAD to snap this pic for their future wedding video.
{They did not find that comment amusing.}

* Surprise party for our fun friend Saturday night.
At the end of the day, Joe and I both commented on how blessed we are with such FABULOUS friends and neighbors in our life. It was a day filled of BOTH!

* Churchey-church on Sunday!

* Pot roast dinner.
{Fun Fact: Cross-rib roasts are HANDS DOWN
 the very best to buy.}

On tap for this week: planning a PTO Back to School teachers luncheon and also getting ready for our annual Coombs Family Back to School dinner
Cannot believe it's already THIS time of year again!


  1. marci, where did that cute little girl get her dress and necklace??? they are ADORABLE!!

    1. Thanks Emily :) The dress is from H&M for like 5 bucks and the necklaces, my friend makes and sells! You can find her on Facebook under the name 'all sass'd up' . She sells super cute stuff! xoxo


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