Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I woke up earlier than I would EVER normally wake up, to take my nephew to highschool.

I seriously hope that before my own kids start high school - - 
a) they delay the time high school starts and/or
b) Either Joe or myself becomes a morning person.
{I don't see EITHER of those thing happening soooo....that should be fun}.

* I had our Handyman come fix some things up in our kitchen that needed MAJOR and IMMEDIATE attention.

Just a small sampling of our probs.

$400 later....things are fixed up and back to normal.

* Lunch with a fun friend and her cute baby at Mod Pizza.

YES this is my new fave place to lunch and
YES I tried their chocolate malt and it was DIVINE!

* Friday night we helped our dear friends move a few streets over in the 'hood and then - - 
 relaxed at another dear friends' pool for the evening.

* Our Saturday looked a lot like this...

My nephew + kids playing 'vids'.

* Saturday night date night HERE.
Afterwards we went and saw...

Which we both loved.
Such a sweet story. Sweet movie.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

My kids were SO thrilled to have their cousin with us all weekend and for him to go to OUR ward.

* Chicken Tacos for dinner.

Joe made his very favorite recipe of 
Cornflake Cookies for dessert.


Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Need an adorable baby present?

LOVE these cute gift boxes 
for a boy OR girl at Hobby Lobby.
{And I secretly wish they had those sequin boots in London's size!}
$19.99 but use your 40% off coupon and you have a deal!

I went into JoAnns this week.
{Haven't been in there for FOREVER! 
Don't seem to love it as much lately as Michaels or the Hob Lob.}

They had some SUPER cute fall/Halloween stuff goin on.

These polka dot bags!
I'm in love!
$9.99 for a box of 6 but right now all of their fall/Halloween loot is 30% off. could just wait til it all goes to 50% off which is probably very soon.

I really love these chalkboard placeholders.
SO fun! They even have a tiny little stand on the back so they sit up perfectly. 

Wouldn't this be fun to paint orange and then hang past Halloween costume photos up with tiny clothespins and display all throughout the season? 

I really am a sucker for pretty much all things CHALKBOARD right now.  Thinking you could do a Halloween candy countdown on this board.  
Wouldn't that be fun for the kiddos?

Spotted at our local grocery store {Frys/Kroger} - - 
I really need to get this football Jack-o-Lantern for my boys' sake.  I need to spruce it up with ASU stickers all over it.
{They're diehard ASU fans...just like their dad.}
$9.59 right now.

And...Ohhhhhh Bath & Body I LOVE you.

These 2 new fall flavors - - I am dying to try!
They smell sooooooo yummy!

And are these not the cutest little fingernail clippers you've EVER seen?  They have all sorts like this there.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Lots of things to LOVE on Pinterest right now.
Here's a few of my favorite pins and ideas lately...
{Follow me on Pinterest HERE.}

Super cute AND easy bunting?
Yes! Please!!

Painted Photo Bottles.
This might just be the cutest way EVER to display pictures.

Cut Craft Create
Personalized Photo Map.
This idea makes me want to travel the country with my family.
{So far we've got California, Utah, Virginia, Nevada, Conneticut, New York and Ohio under our belts.  
Not very adventurous, I know. And no - - I don't count the states that we have driven thru or had layovers in. 
These are legit 'stay at vacation' places.} 
Love it!

Hey Teachers....
Is this not the cutest way EVER to add a 3D easy border to your bulletin boards? It's just colored paper plates cut in half!

And just because Fall is so close I can TASTE it....
Pumpkin Snickerdoodles.
I'm soon is TOO SOON to bust out the pumpkin recipes? I'm getting antsy. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Teacher Snack Bar + Teacher Treat Printable.

The kiddos have half days today and tomorrow so the teachers at their school can hold their quarterly
 'Parent/Teacher' conferences.

I had to come up with a SNACK BAR type of idea 
{as part of my PTO Teacher Appreciation gig} 
to set up by the teachers lounge for all of the teachers to enjoy throughout the day.
{See our Back to School Luncheon HERE}.

Here's what I came up with:

I also found funny 'Teacher Sayings' on Pinterest and printed them out and then framed them, to place along on the tables.

I also met with the kiddos teachers today for my own conferences.  And you know how I don't like to show up to those things empty handed...

I whipped up some of my very favorite 

And then came up with what just might be
 my cheesiest pun yet!


For a copy of my FREE Printable Tag
Click HERE

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2fer Tuesday.

2 Maroon 5 Songs that I'm Currently Obsessed With:
{Side Note: I may be equally as obsessed 
with Adam Levine.}

Beautiful Goodbye 
Listen HERE

Listen HERE

2 New Things to Try:

Wowzers.  This place is yummy.
They just opened one up close to my house and I tried it out today with some fun friends for lunch and I L-O-V-E-D it!
They make your pizzas fresh right in front of you - with whatever toppings you choose - and then they cook it in a lightening speed fast oven.  Super tasty, as was their salad.

Cookie Dough Oreos

Have you tried them yet?
I have not.
But they are on my list of things to pick up at Target tomorrow.  I love cookie dough.  And I love Oreos. 
So how could I go wrong with these right?

Thoughts on these?

The true test will be to see if I love them as much as I love the Reese's Oreos.  Because those are pretty much the best things ever.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Detailing X Arizona.

Fun Fact: I've had my Nissan Pathfinder for 8 years now and have never once gotten it detailed {until now}.

Picture pretty much the grossest inside of a car that you can imagine - - and that's my car.

My kids have trashed it.

There are food stains and who knows WHAT stains pretty much all over the carpets.

Joe jokes that there's been chicken nuggets hiding in there since 2006. 

I didn't doubt him.

We've taken lots and LOTS of road trips in this car.
Spilled lots and LOTS of fountain drinks in this car.
And LOVED on this car just a little TOO much, maybe.

All of this was fixed though this past weekend and I couldn't be more giddy about it.

Meet Cody & Marlee....

....the cutest husband/wife detailing team in the business!

They've started up a new company called
and it is pretty much amaze-balls awesome.

They came over Saturday morning bright and early and worked their TAILS off FOR HOURS on my car.

Some of the services they include:

If you live locally here in the valley and your car is in need of a serious make-over {like mine!} you really need to call them.

They come to YOU!

Whether you own a luxury vehicle or exotic sports car {I wish!}, a mini-van, a Honda Civic, a motorcycle or RV, you can expect a detail that will leave your vehicle looking like {or better than!} the day you bought it!

Call them.

And tell them Marci says hi!

P.S. Anyone wanna buy my car now that it's all nice and neat? {Kidding/Not Kidding} After 8 long years I'm finally coming to grips with the fact that I need/want a mini-van. I know.  I never thought I'd utter those words myself but it's true. I'm no longer young, hip and cool and so I'm going to stop pretending and just drive that mini-van PROUDLY someday!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Weekend:

* I helped my cute friend pack boxes for her big move.
Luckily, the 'big' move only entails her moving a few streets over -- any further and I wouldn't 
know what to do with myself!

* Friday night the kids and I went out to dinner with a couple of other FUN families... am I JUST NOW trying Smashburger for the first time ever?

I'm in love.
Their 'smash' fries had me at first bite.
I'm now dreaming of going back and trying out their milkshakes. Anyone wanna go with me?

* Afterwards, we took the kiddos to BINGO NIGHT
 at their school.  

LoVe their school and all of the FUN activities they have!

* Saturday morning, Detail X came and detailed my nasty car from top to bottom.

Is this not the cutest husband/wife detailing couple you've ever seen?  I can't wait to tell you ALL about them and their company tomorrow!

* Saturday afternoon, London, my sis and I attended a baby shower for one of the sweet Young Women I used to teach, years back.
{Yes...attending bridal showers and baby showers for girls
 I used to teach REALLY makes me feel old.  Old but proud!}

And can we talk about this baby shower game, please?!
My sis and I were DYING laughing.
London equally enjoyed herself.

* Saturday night we took the boys and met the rest of my Lam Fam at the movies.  We saw...


Holy Moly this movie was GOOD!
And only rated PG, too!!!
It's based on a TRUE story and everyone MUST see it.

* Churchey - church on Sunday.
Our primary has been practicing for their program and I swear, hearing some of those songs they sing...
really make me tear up!


Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend.
I have some fun things up my sleeves that I am SO SUPER excited to share with you soon.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Ok. I'm officially excited for Halloween and Fall.
The weather has been cloudy and rainy here lately and it's gotten me giddy. 

Each year, I like to buy one new piece of 'decor' to add to my collection.  This cute little owl might just be it.  
Spotted at Hobby Lobby.  Also there....

...these cute burlap floral ornaments. 
They're $3.99 but all of their Christmas stuff 
is already 40% off.

I also made it over to Home Goods this week.
{Home Goods is hands down one of my favorite stores EVER!}

Is this acorn not the cutest fall piece ever?
I love it!

Also love this pinecone centerpiece spotted there.
It's defintiely gotten my creative juices flowing.

And...who knew Target carried such CUTE 
baking paper products?

I found them over next to their pots and pans section.

Happy Weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Must Try Bread recipes.

I've had a little 'baking bug' lately.
It usually seems to happen this same time each year.
I think I'm anticipating fall too much.
{It's only been in the 90s here so perhaps fall IS just around the corner?! Sigh....I'm sure there are many more 100+ degree days ahead before it actually happens.}

Today I'm sharing with you 2 of my ALL TIME favorite bread recipes. And no...they aren't the 'real' type of bread that involves yeast and rising.  
{Yeast highly scares me and I only ever dare use it in my cinnamon rolls.}

These 2 types of bread are the dessert-y type of breads and they are right up my alley!


Recipe HERE.

Recipe HERE.

BOTH are extra yummy with chocolate chips.
{What isn't?!}