Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2fer Tuesday.

2 New Favorite Food Finds:

Wal-mart's Marketside Chipotle Ranch Dip
This dressing is the bomb!

My sister first introduced it to me up at our cabin over the summer - - and we used it on our chicken tacos.

I was instantly in love.

Last night - I made a big mexican salad and served it as the dressing on that. 

It's my new favorite!!!
{You can find it at Wal-mart in their refrigerated section by their bagged lettuce and veggies.}

Pringles Honey Butter Stix

I always crave something a little sweet every afternoon.
I've found these 'stix' to be the PERFECT fix for me because they are absolutely TASTY {think Texas Roadhouse rolls} AND.....they're only 80 calories for a packet.
It's a win! win! in the snack department!

2 New TV Shows we need to talk about:


Have you seen this show yet?
I.  Love.  It.

How is it that I'm JUST NOW discovering Bear Grylls?
{Apparently he's had other TV shows??}

I LOVE the concept of putting celebrities in the wilderness with him. It sheds a whole new light on them.

Next week's guest is Channing Tatum {humina, humina} 
and I am giddy with excitement.

This show has yet to debut {it will on Aug. 12th} but Joe and I saw a preview last week and we died laughing. There is a character named 'Chubby' who I can already tell we are going to LOVE. Check it out.  It's all about a family business.

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