Monday, August 25, 2014

Detailing X Arizona.

Fun Fact: I've had my Nissan Pathfinder for 8 years now and have never once gotten it detailed {until now}.

Picture pretty much the grossest inside of a car that you can imagine - - and that's my car.

My kids have trashed it.

There are food stains and who knows WHAT stains pretty much all over the carpets.

Joe jokes that there's been chicken nuggets hiding in there since 2006. 

I didn't doubt him.

We've taken lots and LOTS of road trips in this car.
Spilled lots and LOTS of fountain drinks in this car.
And LOVED on this car just a little TOO much, maybe.

All of this was fixed though this past weekend and I couldn't be more giddy about it.

Meet Cody & Marlee....

....the cutest husband/wife detailing team in the business!

They've started up a new company called
and it is pretty much amaze-balls awesome.

They came over Saturday morning bright and early and worked their TAILS off FOR HOURS on my car.

Some of the services they include:

If you live locally here in the valley and your car is in need of a serious make-over {like mine!} you really need to call them.

They come to YOU!

Whether you own a luxury vehicle or exotic sports car {I wish!}, a mini-van, a Honda Civic, a motorcycle or RV, you can expect a detail that will leave your vehicle looking like {or better than!} the day you bought it!

Call them.

And tell them Marci says hi!

P.S. Anyone wanna buy my car now that it's all nice and neat? {Kidding/Not Kidding} After 8 long years I'm finally coming to grips with the fact that I need/want a mini-van. I know.  I never thought I'd utter those words myself but it's true. I'm no longer young, hip and cool and so I'm going to stop pretending and just drive that mini-van PROUDLY someday!

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