Friday, August 1, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Cute chevron bows for little girls at Wal-mart for only $1?
Yes. Please!

Speaking of little girls...

Costco NOW has Elsa and Anna costumes for Halloween.
Mine rang up for only $18.99 comes with the Elsa WIG!!
I bought one for London...even though she tells me she wants to be 'one of those girls who gets married in a dress' aka....a BRIDE for Halloween.
{Where does she come up with this stuff?}

If anything - I'll save this costume and give to her for Christmas!  A deal too good to be true! ELSA nonetheless.  That chick is hard to find! {Chuckle}.

These adorable placemats that I've blogged about before {from Target} are now on Clearance for only $4.98.
Aren't they the cutest?!

Also spotted at Target...

This funny gift bag.
I sent a pic of it to one of my BFFs and told her that we need this made into t-shirts. Pronto.

In case you haven't heard the good nephew comes home from his mission in Barcelona, Spain in just FIVE more days!  My family is GIDDY with excitement!

I bet my sister wishes she'd of had one of these darling missionary/family clocks from Deseret Book.

One side shows what time it is where your missionary is - - and the other side shows what time it is where YOU are.

Isn't that clever?

Something not so clever?.....

The fact that Coca-Cola does NOT have the names:
Marci, Grant, Carson or London
on their Coke bottles.
{Yes, of course they have my husband's name Joe}.

But for reals....they have THESE names??.....

....but not OUR names?
Come on.
Marci is WAY more common than Syed, right?
Or Hassan?

And one last fun little musical find - - -


How am I JUST NOW discovering that Michael Buble has done a rendition of Willie Nelson's 'Always on My Mind'?

This song is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES.
My dad {did and still does!} LOVE Willie Nelson and this song reminds me of growing up, and hearing my dad listen to him.

Listen HERE.
LOVE this version!!
ALMOST as good as the original by Willie HERE.

Happy Weekend!
Who else is as excited as me to sleep in tomorrow?!


  1. were did you find the sodas

    1. They're all over at most stores. These I found at Wal-mart but I've also seen them at Target and my local grocery store.

  2. Don't worry, I don't think my name will ever get on anything. But your name is way more common than those other ones! You might just have to write Coke and petition marci to be added :) i'm sure all the other marc's would thank you.


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