Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ryan's Missionary Homecoming.

Last night, my nephew Ryan returned home from his 
2 year Mormon mission in Barcelona, Spain.

Our family is VERY close and we were all 
SO excited we could hardly stand it.

Watching him walk off of the plane - -
was such a sweet experience. 
{And yes, I cried like a baby. 
 Tears of joy...tears of joy.}

Ryan hugging his momma, my sista.
Yes....that's Carson 'butt-ing' in for the side hug.
We all went over to my sister's house afterwards for pizza.
My sister created the MOST adorable signs EVER for him!

My elated sis with her two handsome sons.

Oh....and Joe is as giddy as he's ever been.
His BFF {and movie watching buddy} is BACK!

Such a special night.
Mormon missionaries ROCK!

I can only imagine the blubbering mess I'll be, 
sending off my own sons one day on their missions.
{Cue the Kleenex}.


  1. Nothing better than missionary homecomings!! Darling signs!! Did she paint them or do it digitally?

    1. She painted them! Aren't they cute? I told her she should make them and sell em! ;)

  2. You should ask him if he knew an Elder Sean Daines. My friend just got home from Barcelona a few weeks ago!

    1. Yes! He said he knew him!! What a small world.