Thursday, August 28, 2014


Lots of things to LOVE on Pinterest right now.
Here's a few of my favorite pins and ideas lately...
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Super cute AND easy bunting?
Yes! Please!!

Painted Photo Bottles.
This might just be the cutest way EVER to display pictures.

Cut Craft Create
Personalized Photo Map.
This idea makes me want to travel the country with my family.
{So far we've got California, Utah, Virginia, Nevada, Conneticut, New York and Ohio under our belts.  
Not very adventurous, I know. And no - - I don't count the states that we have driven thru or had layovers in. 
These are legit 'stay at vacation' places.} 
Love it!

Hey Teachers....
Is this not the cutest way EVER to add a 3D easy border to your bulletin boards? It's just colored paper plates cut in half!

And just because Fall is so close I can TASTE it....
Pumpkin Snickerdoodles.
I'm soon is TOO SOON to bust out the pumpkin recipes? I'm getting antsy. 


  1. In my opinion.......................IT'S NEVER TOO SOON to bust out the pumpkin recipes!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would say its never too soon. Do you have the recipe for those pumpkin snicker doodle?


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