Sunday, August 10, 2014

This Weekend:

* My sibs and I + nephew went out to breakfast
 at one of our very favorite local joints.

Never in a million years did any of us imagine ALL 4 of us {plus my parents!} would end up in Arizona - living just 5 minutes away from each other.  Very grateful! 
It's SO nice having family close by.

* Friday afternoon London held her highly anticipated 

{She's only been asking me to do this ALL summer. I finally obliged.}

Having a Lemonade Stand in 110 degree weather is some serious business.  London worked it like a champ though and scored over 20 bucks! 

{And I can officially check that off of our list until next summer. Phew!}

* Joe took the boys and my nephews to see.....

....on Friday night.  London and I had absolutely zero desire to see this movie so we settled for milkshakes at Iceberg and a Dateline back home.

Side Note #1: Joe and the boys LOVED the movie.
Side Note #2: Dateline was all about THIS book which I just recently read and it was truly fascinating. 
And somewhat sickening.

* Saturday morning I attended our Relief Society's
{Remember me posting about this challenge HERE?}

It was SUCH a great morning.
Our RS committee always goes above and beyond and the morning was so fabulous.  Not only did I LOVE the food {orange rolls, cinnamon rolls, breakfast casseroles, yogurt parfaits}....but I LOVED the speakers who spoke on Conference talks that had made an influence on their lives. 

One of MY very favorite talks from Conference?
THIS one by Elder David A. Bednar.
I. Love. It.
If you need a little 'pick-me-up' - - READ this talk.

* Saturday night was Girls Night Out.
Gosh, I love these.

Mexican food + fun friends is ALWAYS the best!
Grateful, indeed.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

My nephew Ryan gave his 'Homecoming' talk.
It was pretty amazing.
We are SO proud of him.
{And YuP...That's my ENTIRE Lamoreaux family up above.}

* We had a big family brunch 
at my sister's house afterwards....

SUCH a great day {and WEEKND} for our family!


  1. $20 bucks, are you kidding me?! Az is where its at to do a lemonade stand, good for her! I also saw the dateline, i was completly disturbed by the end. Dont know if i could get myself to read the book. Family is the best, glad you had a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks Julaine! The book is def a little disturbing as well HOWEVER - it is so neat to see how far that girl has come and to watch her bring Warren Jeffs to justice - the dirty pig.

  2. Ok, so I have always wondered how you & your parents ended up by eachother in AZ since I think I remember you saying you grew up in Virginia or somewhere like that?? I didn't realize that all your siblings were right there too!!! AMAZING!!! How did that happen? Who was there first? Did the rest just follow or was it all pure coincidence?

    1. So crazy, right? My dad worked for the Government and so we grew up in Fairfax, VA {just outside of DC} for my entire growing up life. When my older sis went off to college, she met and married a guy from Tempe, AZ which brought her out here first. Then….came time for my parents to retire and they wanted a much slower pace of living - somewhere where they could golf all the time. So…they built a house out here next. Then….comes me. I graduated from college and got a job in PHX as a DJ and so I moved down here. My other older sis was next - with her 2 boys and then my brother finally came to his senses and followed suit :) So fun!!!

  3. welcome home!!!
    what a fun little Breakfast, I love it!!!

    I the book .. am I.sick!


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