Sunday, August 17, 2014

This Weekend:

 * I went out to breakfast with 
one of my very favorite young women. 
{I taught her as a Laurel and now she's all grown up and in college!} 

First time trying Moreno's for breakfast {usually eat there just for lunch and dinner} and YUM it was good!
{Although a side of refried beans IS a little weird for breakfast - - 
thoroughly enjoyed my egg-chiladas!}

* Spent the rest of the morning cleaning my house while jamming out to....

I'm pretty sure I will NEVER get sick of 
some good 'ole Hall & Oates.

* Friday night date night with Joe and my sis and nephew at the OG. Again. My husband has been craving it lately. And I really don't mind because their soup and breadsticks are seriously mouthwatering.  I always get a round of the chicken gnocchi first, followed by the zuppas toscana.

We had every intention of seeing THIS movie afterwards, but it was already 9:00 pm and if you know us - - 
we're usually at home in our jammies, watching the news by that time. {We compare ourselves to senior citizens and we are PROUD!} 
We'll try again this weekend. {Smile}.

* Saturday morning the kids and I ventured out to try a new donut joint on the other side of Chandler. 


They make them right there when you order em.
The kids can watch and they have oodles of glazes and toppings to create your own type of donut.

My favorite? The OC. Try it.  It does not disappoint.

* The rest of the day was spent being lazy....laying around on my bed....watching London dance in her underwear while listening to THIS song over and over and OVER again.
{It's her fave. The song AND dancing in her underwear.}

* We took the kiddos to Barro's Saturday night and then capped off the evening guessed it....Friday night's DVR'd Dateline. {Did you see it? It was goooooood!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Our primary is prepping for their program next month and the kids have learned "Where Love Is" in Spanish.
It gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it.

* Sunday night family dinner at Joe's parents house.

Can you even stand this cutie cousin cuteness?!
{Try saying that 10 times in a row!}

Hope YOU had a FANTASTIC weekend!

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  1. so fun... those donuts!!!!!
    i'm the same way, by 8:30, i'm in pjs, by10.. heading to bed lol


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