Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Weekend:

* I helped my cute friend pack boxes for her big move.
Luckily, the 'big' move only entails her moving a few streets over -- any further and I wouldn't 
know what to do with myself!

* Friday night the kids and I went out to dinner with a couple of other FUN families... am I JUST NOW trying Smashburger for the first time ever?

I'm in love.
Their 'smash' fries had me at first bite.
I'm now dreaming of going back and trying out their milkshakes. Anyone wanna go with me?

* Afterwards, we took the kiddos to BINGO NIGHT
 at their school.  

LoVe their school and all of the FUN activities they have!

* Saturday morning, Detail X came and detailed my nasty car from top to bottom.

Is this not the cutest husband/wife detailing couple you've ever seen?  I can't wait to tell you ALL about them and their company tomorrow!

* Saturday afternoon, London, my sis and I attended a baby shower for one of the sweet Young Women I used to teach, years back.
{Yes...attending bridal showers and baby showers for girls
 I used to teach REALLY makes me feel old.  Old but proud!}

And can we talk about this baby shower game, please?!
My sis and I were DYING laughing.
London equally enjoyed herself.

* Saturday night we took the boys and met the rest of my Lam Fam at the movies.  We saw...


Holy Moly this movie was GOOD!
And only rated PG, too!!!
It's based on a TRUE story and everyone MUST see it.

* Churchey - church on Sunday.
Our primary has been practicing for their program and I swear, hearing some of those songs they sing...
really make me tear up!


Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend.
I have some fun things up my sleeves that I am SO SUPER excited to share with you soon.



  1. A Bingo night at your school?!? I love that idea! I help with the PTA so do you know any details about that activity? Was it a K-6 activity? Did you pay to get in or was everything free that night? What were the bingo prizes?

    1. It was free to get in which was a genius idea because it got everyone there, K-6 plus families, and then they had their concession stand open which is where they made all of their money selling popcorn, sodas, candy, etc. We played 6 rounds, they had the cards projected up onto a big screen so everyone could see in the back and then the prizes were donations from companies around town - free movie tix, free karate lessons, etc . It was seriously awesome! xoxo


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