Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I woke up earlier than I would EVER normally wake up, to take my nephew to highschool.

I seriously hope that before my own kids start high school - - 
a) they delay the time high school starts and/or
b) Either Joe or myself becomes a morning person.
{I don't see EITHER of those thing happening soooo....that should be fun}.

* I had our Handyman come fix some things up in our kitchen that needed MAJOR and IMMEDIATE attention.

Just a small sampling of our probs.

$400 later....things are fixed up and back to normal.

* Lunch with a fun friend and her cute baby at Mod Pizza.

YES this is my new fave place to lunch and
YES I tried their chocolate malt and it was DIVINE!

* Friday night we helped our dear friends move a few streets over in the 'hood and then - - 
 relaxed at another dear friends' pool for the evening.

* Our Saturday looked a lot like this...

My nephew + kids playing 'vids'.

* Saturday night date night HERE.
Afterwards we went and saw...

Which we both loved.
Such a sweet story. Sweet movie.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

My kids were SO thrilled to have their cousin with us all weekend and for him to go to OUR ward.

* Chicken Tacos for dinner.

Joe made his very favorite recipe of 
Cornflake Cookies for dessert.


Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

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