Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2fer Tuesday.

2 Random Things that Really Bug Me Right Now:

1. When stores put prices, RIGHT ON their packaging!
Who's with me? 
It's a stocking stuffer tragedy. 


2. Kool-Aid Jammers.
All juice boxes are NOT created equal.
This brand is the WORST to try and poke the straw through.
Anyone agree?
I make such a mess trying to open up these things.

2 Taylor Swift songs that I just 
Can't Get Enough of Right Now: 

Shake it Off
Listen HERE.

Listen HERE.

I seriously can't wait 'til London is old enough to take to concerts.  

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  1. we are soul mates!!..seriously Walmart is the worst for putting the price on kids stuff, like ask their lipglosses, and lotion sets for kids at Christmas.enough.. it drives, me crazy!
    ok, I love Taylor.swift we adore her songs here, we have every cd, and shake it... love it, we have dance parties !


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