Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2fer Tuesday.

2 FALL-ish Items I Need Want:

What CAN'T you create?
This Thanksgiving Tree centerpiece - complete with acorn ornaments - is just TOO much. 
You can keep it up ALL fall long.
{Note to self: Go online right after Thanksgiving 
and see if this has gone on sale to buy for next year.}

Find it HERE

I'm a BIG fan of jute right now and
these jute Give Thanks letters are ADORABLE!
{And so is that wreath!!!}
Find it HERE

2 FUNNIES for the DAY:

Found on Pinterest HERE

My kids are getting ready to go on fall break and running errands with all 3 of my kiddos is NEVER good. Or fun.

Found on Pinterest HERE

These seriously made me L.O.L.
The most ANNOYING fb-er?
Hands down The Drama Queen/King.

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  1. oh I love me some potterybarn!!!
    oh I laughed.. it reminded so much of some of my family!!