Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2fer Tuesday.

2 'Bath & Body Works' Must Haves:

Ummmm...this just might be my favorite smell EVER.
This candle is the BOMB.
{Thank you Maureen for gifting it to me today.  It's been burning ever since!}

Just stocked up on my soaps and branched out a little to try this one. Yummmmmmmmm. Adding it to my list of favorites.

2 Reviews We Need to Chat About:

They're finally here and I finally tried them!
They are VERY tasty.  
But tasty.

Normally I can pound like 3-4 of those Reeses Oreos - - THESE have such a rich flavor however - - I stopped at 1-2.

They'd be PERFECT all crushed up and served on top of vanilla ice-cream, I bet.

This one's for my local peeps.

I FINALLY tried out the Queen Creek Olive Mill for lunch today with some of my dearest friends.

Food was SUPER yummy.
Ambience and setting - - LOVED.
Gelato - - AMAZING!
Service - - meh. Not the happiest of workers there.
Let's just leave it at that. 

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