Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Teacher's Luncheon

Last week I was in charge of a LUNCHEON for the teachers and staff at our school. 
{This little gig of mine is really the BEST!}

I picked a FALL-ish theme since it was the day right before everyone got out for FALL break. 

We had soups and salads and bread bowls in the shape of pumpkins....

These were hands down the BIGGEST hit.
If you live locally - I purchased them from 
{We order them every year for Halloween!}

I used mini pumpkins to decipher each soup.
We had everything from Lentil and Sausage, Zuppa Tuscana, to Chicken Posole and Broccoli Cheddar.
And they were ALL super yummy.

Of course there were LOTS of sweets....
{HeLLLLLoooooo. What teacher human doesn't LOVE sweets this time of year?}

The teachers all ate inside of the Teachers Lounge and I decorated each table with some burlap and pumpkins I had layin around from my own stash at home.

It was a super easy way to SPRUCE up the tables.

I LOVE being able to do this type of stuff for the teachers at our school.

They spend SO MUCH quality time with my own kiddos - - 
I'll be forever grateful for them!

FALL is HERE!!!!!


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