Friday, September 12, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

I was having a pretty slow shopping week.
Nothing was standing out for me to even take notice.

And then.......
I hit up Target.

I should've known.

{Fun Fact: There are about 3 different Targets pretty close to my house - - and there is ALWAYS that ONE store that has BETTER stuff than the others.  Am I right? And there's ALWAYS ONE store that seems to be picked through all the time. Who's with me?}

The $ bins are EXPLODING with cuteness right now.

Would this not make the cutest Halloween table setting ever?
Gotta LOVE paper plates. Gotta LOVE only $1.

Time to stock up for stocking stuffers on all things ELSA.

#1. These cute small popcorn buckets.  I plan to fill them with caramel corn for some of my favorite peeps.

#2. Yes...I always have giant Diet Coke in my shopping cart to sip on. Don't YoU?!

Clever, Target. Clever.
Write the names of your guests on these and there'll be NO confusing who's cup is whose.

End caps. 
By the party section.
Spotted these polka dot goodies.
Perfect for fall and Thanksgiving-ish delicious-ness.
{Say THAT 10 times in a row!}

And don't worry - - they have these goodie boxes to match!

Felt Fall Garland.
It was a MUST for the big huge mirror 
hanging above my piano.

Chalkboard picks for cupcakes, meatballs, you name it.
{I don't think I will EVER get sick of the whole
 chalkboard theme. Ever.}

Over at my local grocey store {Frys aka Kroger} I spied these cute coffin cups for baking.  Wouldn't these make FUN brownies? They're $4.49.

And ANOTHER local grocery store {Albertson's}, I spotted these DARLING pumpkin nail polish bottles.  Wouldn't these make FUN favors for something?

And I know Thanksgiving seems like FOREVER away - - but I HAD to post these adorable Reeses turkeys so I wouldn't forget about them come November. 
{Wish I had the link to who originally created these}.

Happy Weekend!

Oh...and side note...

Wanna know what my husband and I do sometimes when we're bored? We find funny pics of characters we LOVE on SNL, TV or Movies....and then text em to each other.

{We are easily amused.}

Like these....

Gosh, I miss Kristen Wiig on SNL.

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  1. Love your Target finds! I almost got those striped paper plates, I didn't see the polka dot ones or I would have grab them. I did get the paper straw set, did you see those? As well as the mini app forks. Dying to have a Halloween party to use them. So many fun things it's hard to exercise self control. Congratulations on your Shop, excited to see it!!


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