Sunday, September 7, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was the GRAND OPENING of our very favorite donut shop in the whole wide world....just right down the street from us. {This is not going to be good people}. 

They're giving away free donuts ALL WEEK to celebrate so Joe and I darted over as soon as we got the kiddies off to school. It did not disappoint.

* Afterwards, I got my crafty on.
I can't wait to share with my readers, some of the things I've been whipping up. 

This black and white chevron Halloween wreath was one of those things.  I am EXCITED for fall!

* Went to lunch with one of my favorite friends for her birthday HERE. {Seriously.  Why are their subs SO dang GOOD?!?! LOVE them!}

My favorite part of this whole pic is the top of her cute daughter's head. Presh.

* Friday Night Lights at our local highschool.

LOVE going to these with my family.
We LOVE cheering on my nephew who 
marches in the drum line at half time. 

It was hot and sweaty as ALL get out...but still fun!
{And man those games are some of the BEST people watching around.}

* Tucked everyone into bed afterwards {after showers of course...did I mention it was SWEATY?!} and caught up on my week's worth of Jimmy Fallon. Man, I love him.

Two of my favorite bits from his show this week?

* Saturday morning we needed a little motivation to get our chores done for the day so we started things out with...

Circle K Thirstbusters.
That ALWAYS seemes to do the trick. 
And it did. 
Clean house - - Happy Mom.

* Saturday night date night with Joe and my parents...

Mangos = my favorite downtown Mesa mexican joint.

We attended a wedding reception afterwards for a DARLING girl who I used to teach, years back,
 as a sweet Beehive in Young Womens.
{Talk about making me feel OLD!}

It was held at the same location Joe and I had OUR wedding reception. SO fun to go back.  Oh...and is this not the best beverage idea EVER for a reception/party?.....

Glass soda bottles on ice!
LOVED this.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
We are practicing for our Primary Program and lets just say...
I might've cracked open a Diet Dr. Pepper and popped 3 Advil AS SOON as we got home.

* Cheeseburgers and corn on the cob
 at my parents house afterwards. 
Not making dinner myself = one of my favorite things ever. 

Fell asleep in their family room after pie and ice-cream. 

A good Sunday, indeed!

P.S. Did you know that today was Grandparents Day?
Yup. It was.
Joe and I are SO lucky to live SO close to both sets of our parents, not to mention, every single one of our siblings.

Our kids are spoiled by their grandparents.
Makes me wish I'd have grown up so close to mine!

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  1. I love these posts!!!
    Ooh.those donuts!!!
    Ok your hot and sweaty, and it freaking snowed here today, snow, what the heck!