Sunday, September 28, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday morning both London and Grant were awarded at an assembly at their school with the 
'Character Counts' Award for RESPECT. 

SO proud of my kiddos.
{Yes the assembly was outside and Yes it was 90ish degrees and Yes I needed a shower when it was over.}

* Afterwards I ran some errands {dress shopping, bleh!} and then met up with two of my very favorite ladies on the planet.

We try and go to lunch {sometimes breakfast!} at least once a month and man we have fun chattin it up.
This time we ate at Mod Pizza
{I really might be obsessed}.

* Friday night my mom and I went to the CUTEST ever wedding reception for a girl I used to teach as a BEEHIVE way back when. {Sigh....I'm getting old}. 
I LOVE seeing my cute young women grow up!

First things first - - they had a Gourmet Grilled Cheese food truck set up at the reception which I thought was absolutely BRILL.

Darling dessert set-up, delicious food and goregous flowers!
Totally blog worthy in my opinion.

Oh and P.S. ......

While we were there...I discovered that my daughter was freakishly good dancing on a pole.
{Should I be concerned? Kidding. Not kidding.}

* Saturday we {finally} busted out our Fall-Halloween decor.
{Pics to follow once I put the finishing touches on everything}.

To make things even MORE fall appropriate -  - 
it rained for us! Again!!

Buckets and Buckets of rain! 
{Yes...since rain is so rare out here, I usually always let my kids play
 outside in it if they want to.}

* Saturday night I spent the evening with my mom and sister at the General Womens Broadcast.

Looooooved all the talks.
President Uchtdorf's talk was hands down my fave though. 
If you missed it - you can read/listen to it HERE.

Afterwards we went to Floridinos for dinner and our
 VERY favorite dessert.....

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Remember how I told you last week that I get to play the piano in primary for the BEST primary chorister ever?

Well...this week she was at it again.
She taught the kids a new song for Christmas and wanted to make sure they 'felt' like it was Christmas in there.
Is that not the best?!

* Sunday night we had family pictures with the Coombs side of the family.

For reals - are these not the 2 cutest cousins you've ever seen?

Man, it's hard getting little kids in position.
{My kinds were WOUND up!}

Glad to have them done.
Can't wait to see the final results.

* Dinner at Joe's parents house afterwards.
Yummy tacos and DELISH pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies made by my mother-in-law for dessert.
{I need to get the recipe asap so I can share!}


On tap for this week {my kids are on fall break already!}:

* Going to see The BoxTrolls
* FHE at our friends house with a big inflatable water slide
* Oh and making up and shipping off more of these...

I sold out of these FAST!
No worries though - I stocked back up this weekend.
If you'd like to order some you can do so
 in my Etsy Shop HERE.

Happy 1st Week of October!!!
{Can you believe it?!}

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