Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2fer Tuesday.

2 of my New Favorite Finds:


Yup. Deoderant.
I'm normally a 'Secret' girl myself - - but decided to switch things up recently.

This deodarant is YUM-a-LICIOUS.
Stinky pits buh-bye.

Whoever has told me that I NEED to watch "The Goldbergs"  {I know it was at least a handful of you} - - 
I want to give you a big FAT hug.

It's easily Joe and I's new FAVE show!!!

Absolutely hysterical.

If you like "The Middle" you will LOVE this show too.
{P.S. Last week's episode with the dad wanting to leave all sporting events early? 
That was {and still is!} soooo MY dad.  
I. Was. Dying!!!

2 Things I Need Right Now:

This Pillow {found somewhere on Etsy}.
It's genius!
And totally how I sleep at night 
{but with a bulky pillow not HALF that stylish and brilliant!}.

THIS Mexican House Dress/Moo-Moo/Nightgown
Isn't it the cutest ever?

Anyone who knows me {or occasionally stops by my house at any given time} knows that I am 99.9% of the time in a nightgown when I'm at home.  {Yes even DURING the day}.

I'm usually in one however, thats old and ratty and one that most likely has holes in it.

So VERY not appealing, I know.  Just ask my husband.

But hey - - I'm all about being comfy at home.
And this Mexican House dress might just take things
 UP a notch for me!


Have you entered my 

Contest ends TOMORROW!
Don't miss out!!!

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  1. ok lets talk deodorant.. I tried secret once, and I felt like a always stunk abit.. it was weird.. so I googled it, and it says it lets your natural odour release.. so I guess I have had odour hahaah... I have used Dove for as long as I can remember and never had a problem!! ;)

    I laughed at the hosue dress... I can't imagine you wearing one, but I love it..good for you :)


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