Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

Having my kids home for Fall Break is really throwing a wrench into my shopping abilities.

Luckily yesterday, my fabulous mother-in-law took the kiddos for a DAY FULL O' FUN and I was able to hit up some of my favorite shops! 

Spotted these cute ceramic bread loaf pans at Michaels.
LOVE giving pumpkin bread to my friends in these.
LOVE that they get to keep the pan.
Keep an eye on em - - they usally go on sale for 50% off, too.

LOVE these ginormous orange straws for Thanksgiving dinner. {Yes I'd be sipping Diet Dr. Pepper through them.}

And is it weird that I think these Day of the Dead skeletons are absolutely adorable?  And that I might just need a set for my Halloween collection?

Over at Hobby Lobby....

I fell in LOVE with these cake toppers!
No more cheesy wax number candles.
These stick right down into your cake and are just $1.99.

Also spotted these fun HUGE frames.
{Sorry - - forgot to check price on these.}

And last but not least.....

Cake batter Chap Stick for only a buck?!
Yes! Please!!
{From Wal-mart}

Have a FABULOUS weekend!
I'm off to see this movie with the fam...


....and I'm equally as excited as my kids to see it.
Full review coming on Monday!

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  1. I thought of you today walking through Target's Dollar Spot. I said to myself, "Marci always finds such cute things here and she knows exactly what to do with them." :) I love the loaf pans and they are only $1.99 even without being on them!