Sunday, October 26, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday was a pretty BIG day for London.
It was her LAST day as reigning 
and her teacher ate lunch with her and then took her to the vending machine to pick out WHATEVER she wanted!! 

Yup, she was on cloud 9.
{Thank you Buist for capturing the sweet moment!}

*Friday night was the annual Costume Ball at our school and it was the official unveiling of the
 Coombs Kids' Costumes for 2014.  

We  had......

Elvis Presley

A light up stick figure who just so happened to win the 1st place prize for BEST BOYS COSTUME at the ball.
{I think his non-stop sweet dance moves might've 
helped him edge out his competitors just a bit.}

And a sassy 5 year old bride with WAY too much bling.

The kiddos literally danced the night away with their friends and had a BLAST!

Yes, this pic is blurry but it catches Grant's outfit in the dark.
As well as Carson doing one of his epic Elivs moves.

* Basketball game on Saturday.
It was Grant's team's first official game of the season and....
they got creamed.
Like majorly.

Oh well....he had fun and better luck next time, right?
{Fingers crossed.}

Lunch at Moreno's afterwards.
Chips and bean dip ALWAYS make a tough loss seem not so bad, right?

* The rest of my day and evening was spent prepping my room for the annual Stake Youth Spook Alley.

My friend was in charge and asked me to be in charge of one room.  Naturally - - I had to pick a Creepy Clown theme because clowns are the FREAKIEST creatures on the earth, right?  

One of my old Laurels volunteered to be the actual clown and  she popped out and scared people as they came through.
So. Funny!!!!

* Joe was waiting for me when I got home and we stayed up late eating popcorn and watching Jim Carrey host SNL.
2 thumbs up for his gig.
One of the funniest SNLs they've had in a LONG time.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Dinner at my parents house afterwards.

 Dessert in 80 degree weather 
on their patio on the golf course.
Doesn't get much better than that.


So much fun in store for this week I can hardly stand it.
{And by that I mean - - I hope I make it! Lol.}

* Coombs Fam Halloween Bash at our house tomorrow night

* Trunk or Treat on Tuesday

* Class parties

* Lam Fam bash and trick or treating on Friday night.

and Saturday....we rest!!!

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  1. Oh London's face, so glad someone captured it!! LOve your parents backyard, ooh to have a treat in the heat.. it snowed all day yesterday, but warmed up so it's melting. woohooo!!!

    Ok, I am feeling ripped off with Halloween this year, there has hardly been any parties at all. and even at school they refuse to call it a Halloween party, on Friday they call it ' story book character day' whatever.. Halloween it is in my house LOL!


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