Friday, November 7, 2014

Fun Finds Friday.

These wood chip pumpkins are so strange and yet so cool at the same time.....

Found at my local grocery store {Fry's} for $24.99 + 20% off.

On clearance at Target right now....

These adorable mini tiaras.
A pacakge of 4 for $1. Bargain.
I instantly thought they'd be ADORABLE on top of cupcakes for a princess party.  

Over at Hobby Lobby.....

I am LOVING these chalkboard-esque Christmas paper plates.  Fun Fact: The Hob Lob has THE BEST paper plates and wrapping paper in all of the land.  I promise. 

Also loving these adorable chalkboard/polka dot tins.
If someone filled these with homemade chocolate chip cookies and gave them to me in this - - we would instantly become BFF for life.  

And there are TONS of cute paper bags over there too.

Ummmm....anyone else see this on insta this week?
Toms for Target?
{Coming to stores in the next couple of weeks.}

And Gymboree stole my heart with this gold dress from their holiday line.  I'm 99.9% sure I'll buy it for London to wear to church the Sunday before Christmas this year.

Plus they have the most adorable matching accessories for it HERE.


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