Sunday, November 30, 2014

This {Thanksgiving} Weekend.

* We spent the day at my parents house with ALL of us Lamoreaux's in tow + my mom's BFF and her husband who are practically like family anyways. 

We took family pictures in my parent's front yard.
This snap was taken shortly after my oldest sister told the kids to say a not so nice word.  They died laughing.

Highlights from the afternoon included:

 - Joe's 2nd annual Fried Turkey. 
He's really mastered it.
- My mom's stuffing
There's nothing better.
- Seeing Penguins of Madagascar as a family
{This one was more of a highlight for my kids as Joe and I both fell asleep in it. Not one of my fave movies.}
- Scoring everything I wanted from the Black Friday ads ONLINE and NOT at the store.
- Everyone tucked into bed 
with over stuffed bellies by 9 pm. 
{Why after eating a full course meal did I find the need to STILL eat popcorn at the movie theaters? And then...PIE afterwards!}

* Friday we had a house full of boys cheering on our 
AZ State Sun Devils.

Disappointing outcome.
It's never fun to lose to U of A.

* My nephew watched the kids Friday night while Joe and I went shopping for a new oven.  

I really hate spending money on appliances.
We've been in our house for 10 years now and it seems like that's when everything starts to either need fixing or to be replaced.

Happy to report though: We got a screamin deal AND....I got a convection oven which I've wanted for quite some time now.  

I also drooled over this baby....

A DOUBLE OVEN is my dream! but it was way out of the price range I wanted to spend.  Maybe in 10 more years....

* Dinner afterwards HERE.

They have quite possibly the very best green corn tamales of all time. Mixed with their green salsa? Delish. 
{ I always get their #10. A tamale + cheese enchilada.  Mmmmm}.

* Saturday was spent lounging around our house...filling Etsy orders...and playing Monopoly.

I honestly think the last time I played this game
 was when I was 8. 

* Saturday was date night.
Joe took London on a date.....

While I took the boys on a date....

{and got completely ignored at Chilis.}

The deal was to go to dinner + take the kids Christmas shopping for each other.  Watching the boys each pick out JUST the right thing for their sister melted my heart.

We also browsed through Barnes and Noble.

The boys had me take pics of each and every book they wanted for Christmas {like 100?} so they could go home and add em all to their lists.  Not a bad idea.  LOVE that they wanted the 'Who was Bruce Lee' book. {Lol}.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

After months of BEGGING....London FINALLY let me put her hair up in a bun.  I was a little excited.
{P.S. With her hair up like this - - she reminds us all of the little girl in THIS commercial.} 


Can you believe it's the first week of December?

On my TO-DO list....
- Neighbor gifts {can't wait to share!}
- Put up outside lights { my husband do it}
- Finish up Etsy orders and start planning
 for the re-launch in January
- Wrap presents and finish my shopping


  1. your weekend posts Are the bomb!
    I bought a convection oven, and can't tell the tell me what you think.. it was a Bosch too!
    I would love a double oven too!!

    1. I'll let ya know! It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Just in time for holiday baking…can't wait! xoxo

  2. This past spring I bought my dream oven ( 5 burner gas range with convection) I love it. The thing that makes me sad is, we are moving :(. It will stay.

  3. Lol, we fell asleep during the movie too and i had such high hopes for lots of laughing. Such a bust! That fried turkey looks delish!