Sunday, November 2, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday was HALLOWEEN!

The kiddos brought treats into their teachers...

My VERY FAVORITE pumpkin pancake mix courtesy of Trader Joe's. {Seriously - - it's THE BEST.  And it's only seasonal and sometimes they run out so go get some soon!}

Cute tags downloaded HERE.

I helped out with the kiddos' class parties at school....

London's class had a NURSERY RHYME party and that's her being 'Jack be Nimble' jumping over the candlestick.

Shortly after I captured these pics, she fell to the ground, hurt her knee and started crying.  Fun times all around.

I left the school and rushed over to meet Joe at the car lot.

Good-bye Pathfinder....Helllllllooooo mini-van.

Can you believe it?!
Who'd have EVER thought?

The funniest part is that both Joe AND I are
 SUPER excited about it.  

As are the kids......

Halloween night we had all of my side of the family over, plus a dear friend who we adore.

We had chili + chicken noodle soup in pumpkin bread bowls.

* Basketball game on Saturday.

Another tough loss but man G played his heart out.
AND scored his first basket of the season.
So proud of him!

* The rest of the afternoon was spent putting away 
ALL of our Halloween decor and 
getting out ALL of our Thanksgiving decor. 

 {Pics to come this week!}

* The boys went to the ASU vs. UTAH game Sat. night.
{Gooooooooo DEVILS!}...

while London and I had our little Girls Night Out.

London picked THIS restaurant and it was surprisingly good!
{My last experience there was MeH.}

The way she sticks her tongue out 
while she colors KILLS me. So sweet.

* Sunday we spent the day at home.
Joe and I weren't feelin so hot {nasty body aches} .

We did however, crank open our windows.
The weather was GORG!

Even a bit chilly!

* I worked on my Visiting Teaching handouts
 for this month.....
{Free Printables coming super SOON!}

And I created a recipe to good NOT to share.
My own Pumpkin Pie {healthy-ish} Milkshake!
Details coming on Tuesday!!

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  1. Fun.times!!! You opened your windows, we got a foot of.snow!!!!
    I sant wait for the vt handout x


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