Monday, December 8, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Days 1-4.

Last week the kids and I started our annual tradition of the
 12 Days of Christmas with their school teachers. 
{You can download all of my LAST year's tags HERE.}

****UPDATE 11/16/15 --- you can now purchase my 12 Days of Christmas tags {already embellished} 

in my Etsy shop HERE.

Here's a peek at our DAYS 1 - 4.
{Day 5 coming tomorrow!}

Caramel + Chocolate covered Apple.

2 of their teachers LOVE Starbucks and the other one LOVES Circle K. {My kinda gal!}

I designed and printed them each 50 address labels and stuck them in these cute little gable boxes.

My kids get SO excited each morning to see what I have for them to bring in!! We love this tra-dish.


  1. So cute! I'm a teacher and would love if a student did something like this for me!

  2. These are so stinking cute. Every year year you come up with even more adorable things. I am one jealous teacher~

  3. I love your designs every month. They make visiting teaching a real pleasure and "my ladies" always love the messages. I always give you where credit is due! Thank you for sharing all your creative ideas!

  4. This is awesome! Creative, fun, different, and actually useful. I'm not a teacher but I usually tried to buy /make something beneficial that her teachers would /or could use through out the year { even gift cards lol }. Thank you very much for sharing your idea.


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