Monday, December 1, 2014

12 Days of Christmas for Teachers.

****UPDATE 11/16/15 --- you can now purchase my 12 Days of Christmas tags {already embellished} 
in my Etsy shop HERE.

******* UPDATE 11/17/16 - - NEW TAGS with NEW rhymes and NEW gift ideas are in my Etsy shop now HERE. If you used last year's ideas and loved them --- you'll LOVE these as well! 

If you're a regular reader of my blog you know by now that...
We LOVE our kids' teachers.

Like.......A lot!

They really do become like family to us and we are SO grateful for their positive influence in our children's lives.

When Grant was in Kindergarten, we started the tradition of doing a 12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS for his teacher. 

The 12 days leading up to the last day of school before Christmas break  - - Grant brought in a little treat/gift for his teacher with a cheesy poem to match. 

It became an instant hit and now my kids look forward to doing this EVERY year!

I've already started rhyming up a storm with some ideas for THIS year....but tonight I'm sharing ALL of LAST YEAR'S 
12 DAYS AS a printable for YOU to use, if interested!

* I should mention that on a lot of these tags - - I embellished them AFTER I printed them out with stickers and other little doodads I had laying around.

Here's what you'll need for all 12 days:

1. Peppermint Pretzel Treats {I found mine at Costco}
2. $5 Starbucks gift card
3. Gingerbread house kit
4. Address Labels
5. Socks
6. Movie tickets
7. Cupcake
8. Notepad
9. Chocolate candy
10. Bath & Body Works soap
11. Oranges/Cuties
12. Gift card to their favorite restaurant

Now - - I've been asked before - - to customize this 12 days with gifts that YOU come up with.  YES...I can do that...however I do charge a small fee so feel free to message me.

To view ALL 12 photos and links from last year click HERE.


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