Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2fer Tuesday.

2 Holiday Eats You Gotta Try!

This might not be the best pic but....
you have GOT to try the tamales at Costco right now.

I always crave GOOD tamales this time of year {I think it's an AZ thing?} and yesterday I picked up a bag of red pork ones.

Holy. Moly. They were DELISH!
{Serve em with side of sour cream and fresh salsa and it tastes like a bit of heaven, I tell ya!}

I cannot have just one handful of this stuff.
It's sorta like crack.
{Disclaimer: I have never actually had crack - - 
but I imagine it would be equally as addicting.}

2 Things I LOVE Right Now:

This song. 
Soooooo GOOD!

This E-card.

The struggle is REAL people.
There's a REASON why I always keep my little window by my front door closed.  Why are pants such a pain?

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