Friday, December 12, 2014

Cake In a Mug: Cute Neighbor Gift Idea.

My cute mom held a little Christmas brunch at her house today for her Relief Society Presidency.
{Have I ever told you that my mom is serving her SEVENTH 'term' as Relief Society Pres? 
I wish I was joking {and so does she!}...but I'm not. 
She is the QUEEN BEE when it comes to all things RS.}

Besides serving her yummy signature dishes {quiche & cinnamon roll casserole} she gave the ladies the most adorable little take home gifts EVER. 

It's microwaveable, individual servings and DELISH to boot.

Oh - - and did I mention....SUPER simple?

Here's what you need:
1 box of any flavor cake mix {she used chocolate}
1 box of Angel food cake mix

Mix those two together and distribute evenly into your jars.

Attach a tag to your jar with these easy directions....

Spray microwaveable mug with Pam.
Add 3 Tbs. Cake mix
Add 2 Tbs. water
Mix together
Microwave for 1 minute

Tie a cute ribbon around the jar, place it in your mug and you are good to go.  These little gifts are PERFECT for sisters with smaller families....empty nesters...sisters who don't like to share their treats with their kids {oh wait..that's just me.}

Oh...and because my mom likes to go above and beyond on anything she does....

She also gave them each a bag full of almonds and homemade chocolate frosting to top the cake with.

The cool thing about this little gift is that you get MULTIPLE servings out of your jar.  It's the gift that keeps on givin!
{Bonus points to whomever can name the Christmas movie that that line comes from}. each place setting she had.....

These darling candy bars all dressed up as snowmen.
And guess what that hat is made out of?
A mini stocking!

P.S. I've been jammin out to Christmas music like it's nobodys business this week. Good news...I found a NEW favorite CHRISTMAS song.

Listen HERE
Gonna have to buy her Christmas CD pronto.
{ I the only human left who still buys cds?}

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