Friday, December 26, 2014

Part 2: Christmas Eve.

Our Christmas Eve didn't start out exactly as I had planned...

...but we rolled with the punches.
{Carson had a bad bout of croup. Thank goodness for fast working steroids!}

After filling up at the pharmacy 
{Target on Christmas Eve is never a good idea}
 we headed home and decorated our traditional gingerbread houses.

Our evening was spent celebrating with the entire Lamoreaux family at my parents house.

They have a pretty sweet backyard RIGHT on the golf course that the kids LOVE playing on.

My cute parents made the most delicious 
pork loin for dinner...

....and we had our annual COUSINS gift exchange where my kids made out like bandits, as usual.

We made yet another attempt {just as we do every year} at re-enacting the Nativity from Luke 2.

Your baby Jesus wasn't a girl and had long blonde hair?
Weird cause ours did!

And no matter HOW hard we try each year - - it always turns out a little more ir-reverant than we'd like. But oh well.  
The kids have fun doing it.

We tracked Santa....

and then had to hurry home because he was ALREADY in the United States ON THE east coast!

Once back home...we opened Christmas jammies, left out cookies and a clementine {which is what Rudolph gets when you're outta carrots}, tucked the kiddies into bed and then Joe and I carried on our tradition of watching
 "A Christmas Story" before hitting the hay. 
{I always pick up new lines from that movie no matter HOW many times I've seen it!}

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