Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Teacher Luncheon

Yesterday I was in charge of throwing the PTO teachers luncheon at school. One of my BFFs helps me do this and we have SO much fun. The teachers at our kids' school really are the BEST of the BEST so it makes it EASY for us to spoil them. For any of you party throwing fanatics - - here are some of the nitty gritty details:

I covered the tables in the teachers lounge with wrapping paper. Shocking that I chose polka dots, right? Centerpieces were white candlesticks with fake wrapped presents {courtesy of a gal in my mom's ward who hooked me up!}

We had a local mexican restaurant cater the food and it was SUPER yummy.

On the menu: mini chimis, mini tacos, taquitos, tamales, enchiladas, bean dip, chips & salsa.  I'm pretty sure the teachers left feeling stuffed. 

I whipped up some desserts...
{LOVE having a working oven again!}

And then my VERY favorite part of the lunch....

....was the RAFFLE!!

We have SO much fun with this. 
We have each teacher put their name in a bowl and then when it's all over, we draw names for the winners. I LOVE taking these into their classrooms. I LOVE the excitement on their faces when they find out they've won.

Teachers are some of the HARDEST WORKING people ever. Because my own sister teaches...I KNOW just how much effort they put into their jobs.  I am SO grateful for them! SO SO grateful!

{Also grateful for a fabulous PTO board who allows us to throw such FUN luncheons!}


  1. Who provides the raffle gift cards- the PTO? My younger son's PTO provides $ per classroom for room parent for the classroom parties. I would like to suggest this for the PTO to consider maybe 1st week in December!
    Love the decorations.


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