Friday, December 26, 2014

Part 3: Christmas Day

Christmas Day came and went in the blink of an eye.

Our morning started around 3 am when London woke us up asking 'is it time yet?'  We assured her that it was not and settled with the kids on going downstairs all together at 6:45.
{Which...if you know know is STILL way too early in my book! 
But it was Christmas after all.}

Favorite presents included:

Kevin Durant aka 'KD' shoes
Barbie Dream House
Andy Dalton jersey

Oh....and a Diet Mt. Dew in Carson's stocking.
Darn that Santa!

My fam came over for Christmas brunch...

Joe and I snuck in a nap.... did London 
{yes...I let her stay in her jammies ALL day long}
on our way to see....

It's pretty much been a tra-dish since I was a little girl that we ALWAYS go to the movies on Christmas. 

This year we saw ANNIE and it was A-dor-A-ble!

I grew up with this movie 
{even had the record to sing along with} 
and I thought this rendition was super cute.
My only suggestion would've been to have Carol Burnett reprise her role as Ms. Hannigan.  
Because NOBODY can do Ms. Hannigan as well her.

We ended the evening back at my parents house with leftovers for dinner.  Might I suggest this idea for you next year? No big meal + no dishes on Christmas night is pretty much the best thing ever.  We were all EXHAUSTED tired and it was SO great to have something quick and easy.

Sad that Christmas is over.
I'll leave my decor up until New Year's eve and then take it down.  I sure love this time of year.

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