Sunday, December 14, 2014

This Weekend:

* Friday I volunteered in London's kindergarten classroom....

Does she look super grown up to anyone else in this pic?

When it was time for me to go - she BEGGED for me to come to lunch with her so I obliged.
{Plus..I sorta wanted to see if she really did eat her school lunch. She LOVES buying for some odd reason. Shockingly - - she gobbled it all down.}

The only prob I had with her lunch was that that ginormous cinnamon roll had NO frosting on it.

* Ran errands afterwards and was quickly reminded that I DO NOT like to shop when stores are BUSY for the holidays.

* Friday night we stayed in and had breakfast for dinner.
{One of my faves!}

Whipped cream on every last bite of your pancake?
Sure.  Why not?!

* Afterwards we went out looking for Christmas lights around the neighborhood.

This one was our favorite.
It was even set to music.
Carson informed me that WE really need to step up our game with decorations. Oh boy.
Maybe next year. {Ya right}

* Saturday was Grant's last basketball game...

....and wouldn't cha know? THEY WON!!!
They've lost but their very last one!

* Saturday night we joined my parents at their
 Ward Christmas Party. 
{I've never been one to turn down a ham dinner with funeral potatoes. YUM!}

They had THE CUTEST decorations on each table!

My nephew, my Dad and the boys.
A not so realistic Santa was there too....

I mean come on! If you're gonna have a Santa - - PLEASE make him jovial and as real as possible!

My kids were NOT amused.
They wanted the REAL DEAL!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
{I have to speak NEXT week! Yikes.}

Just playin some post-church Legos.

* London and I attended our stake musical fireside Sunday night and WOW oh WOW was it good.

Like....REALLY REALLY good.

They had a full blown orchestra participating.  

Such a great evening. I might've cried through EACH of the songs because they were SO good.

* Kids in bed by 8 and then Joe and I caught up on last night's SNL. {Which was HILARE bytheway.}

Lots on tap for this week!
Christmas is only 11 days away.....EEK!

* Class holiday parties
*A teachers luncheon to plan and execute
* Schools out on THURSDAY!


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