Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 of my Favorite Songs Right Now:

Listen HERE.

Listen HERE.

{Coincidentally, I am incredibly sick of BOTH of their first hit singles.  
Bleh > to the radio stations for overplaying them.}

2 Random Things:

These {healthy-ish} brownies from Special K are YUMMY!
Ya know how MOST chocolatey healthy stuff doesn't really taste all that good?  Well these DO! And they're only 80 calores.  Super excited about this little snack find.

I want need to find this on a Valentine's Day card for my husband ASAP. 
{We're easily amused with this type of humor.  And yes...we act like we're 12 sometimes.}

Side Note............

My cute friend Mia has opened up an Etsy shop and she sells the most adorable hand crocheted slippers for the Temple OR just to wear around the home. 
They are beautiful and you can purchase some HERE.

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